Summer Floral Dress

What do you think of this summery floral dress I made?

Making your own clothes - floral dress

I like the pockets, and I definitely like it better with few additions i.e. the belt, etc. I was unsure about the fabric when I bought it, and I’m still not completely decided, but I do like it better as a dress, than I did as just yardage…



Can you please make me 7 of those, one for each day of the week?! Thanks! Oh, and of course I’ll pay for the fabric and then screw you over on the hours and hours it took to sew them.
You’re the best!
(And seriously…SO cute!!)

the mither

The dress is feminine and fun. Don’t we look so great in dresses? Too bad pants are so dang convenient because dresses trump in the looks dept. Good call on your pattern and accessories. You’re beautiful, babe!


I really like that dress, it turned out really cute and really matches you. I think the pockets look amazing.


Mim, you have no idea how much I admire both your talent and your style! Sometimes I daydream about looking as cute and as well-accessorized as you!


Kathleen, I always think the same thing about everyone else!! I guess sometimes its hard to appreciate our own style! For what it’s worth, I thought you looked beautiful when we saw each other last month!!! (last month, right?)


i’m dying over your 3 latest posts. yes yes and yes. say, what would you charge a gal like me for a dress like that? you think i’m kidding but i’m serious. email me. not that i have even $1 for clothes right now, but someday i’m going to hire you.


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