Stripes and Floral Dress // aka the design that somehow took over

This dress sort of just made itself. And what I mean by that, is that I didn’t intend to make it, it just sort of happened. I had been planning, for some time, a dress using that striped knit. I had sketched it a number of times, and knew just what I wanted. And then mysteriously, when I went to cut into it, I started cutting out a different dress all together.  Como se wha? I know! Quality scope for a juicy sewing novel, for sure.  I honestly don’t know what came over me, but suddenly I was cutting out a completely different design that had just materialized in my head at the moment of contact. It involved a small bit of this 80’s floral knit that a neighbor had given me, and I was halfway finished before I was like wait, what? How did this happen? At that point I was filled with remorse, because I really did want the dress that I had planning on making, and the one that was coming together wasn’t feeling very me-ish. When I finished, I was still feeling like the whole affair was sort of a bummer–I really liked the dress, but wasn’t loving it for me. I think I even threw around the word hate a few times, which may have been in the heat of the moment, but you know, this dress had hijacked my plans and I was feeling cheated and defensive.

mad mim_floral and stripe knit dress_01

Buuut, turns out I really like it. I know, because I’ve worn it a ton. True, it t isn’t completely me (I think it’s mostly the circle skirt that just isn’t my flavor), but it can be really nice to wear something that is refreshing and different from the bulk of what I have. And it’s reeaaally comfy, so that gives an unfair advantage over the rest of my dresses.

The deets. I think I used the Renfrew as a starting point, and just added the buttons and collar.  The collar gave me some grief with gapage and what not, so I actually fished some elastic through the facing seam (my trusty old trick), to reign that sucker in. Worked, but not perfectly, as you can see in some pictures it kind of gathers where it ought not. The skirt is just your basic circle skirt, I tried to make it a  bit hi-low, but that was mostly a fail as you can barely notice the difference. Not the first time I’ve under hi-lowed myself.

mad mim_floral and stripe knit dress_02
mad mim_floral and stripe knit dress_05

mad mim_floral and stripe knit dress_06 mad mim_floral and stripe knit dress_04

So your dying to know about my origional sketch? Patience, young ones.  It turns out I had more than enough fabric to make it too. But I actually wear this one more though, funny enough; I think it’s the waistline on the other one, which I gotta fix that before I show you here. Also. How do you feel about my grown-out bang look? I felt just like Becky (Jessie’s wife)  from Full house all night. I’m growing them out so I can chop my hair really short. I want it to be longer in front, and I think I’m almost there. Still nervous about it (you can see my current hair fantasies here), so tell me if I’m cray cray.


beckie clark

I LOVE the colors of this, they are perfect for you. Whenever I wear that lovely tan I feel kind of naked.

And I also like your bangs but I have been watching your pinterest and think your short hair cut will be awesome. Do it! You are not crazy.


This dress is just beautiful! Circle skirts have never really been my thing either, but the fit of the dress is just perfect on you. I love the fabric combination too!

Heather Feather

Ooh I love this dress! I’ve never been a floral person, but I think I could wear floral and stripes! I love circle skirts, and it looks great on you!
Go short! It’ll look so great! I eventually want to go really, really short but probably not until next year after my sister gets home from her mission!


Gah, I love this dress…it’s totally up my street! It’s funny how sometimes what you didn’t envision works best!


Oh I just love this dress. Love the belt with it too. It really works. Everything.

Mie @ Sewing Like Ma

Ha, well whatever made that dress did good – I love it…and you look GREAT in it!!


Love me a good circle skirt. And I am envious of your print coordination, those fabrics look really really good together!


I am so in love with this Miriam! I need to get a little braver with my sewing – I love the combination of floral and stripes you used!


cute dress.
and I love your hair fantasies. I loved your short do in college and I am really excited to see your new do!


This dress is quite possibly why i love you…its TOTALLY rad…and so creatively you, because its like a magic potion…a touch of this & a pinch of that, with heaps of talent et voila utter fabulousness!
And you my girl, would totally kill a little crop, be brave now shipment!
Love and stuff xx


Jen, you have got to be the sweetest girl in the world. Thank you!!! I was talking about you yesterday–my sister in law’s family is visiting from Australia right now (my SIL is from NZ), and I told them I had a good friend down there! They’re from Melbourne, but I couldn’t remember what part you’re from. Anyway, it was fun to have a little connection. Hope your well, friend!


I love that you were possessed to make this dress! 🙂 It turned out totally great. Also..I really like your hair actually. But I am excited to see you take it short! Can’t wait to see dress number 2 or is it technically number 1?


I love love love this dress! The floral and the stripe look great and the shape is great! Can’t wait to see what the second dress looks like a

yam b fan

So fun! I love the circle skirt! I know they are comfy and fun (who can resist a little twirl now and then?) but they can feel just a bit “little-girlish” and somehow the stripes with that floral grows it right up! the fit is perfection, and you look terrific! (as usual) . . .


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