Stretch Yourself Week 1 Review + Fabrics A to Z Book Giveaway

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Well the time has come, my friends, to wind down our Stretch Yourself series. I definitely stretched myself doing this series, and so many of you have shared with us your big plans  to stretch yourselves with some of the techniques and projects we talked about. Yes! More jazz hands! Miranda and I have been so happy with the response you guys have given us, and all your enthusiasm made all the hard work payoff. You’re awesome.

The first week was our best shot at a knit-sewing resource guide. We hope that our posts on fabric selection, cutting, construction, and finishing techniques will help get you comfortable with the basics, and our posts on drafting patterns and tee variations will get you inspired.  There’s a lot of information there, so read now or read it later, it’s there for you when you have a question or are ready to break it down.

To go along with all the resources we’ve put together, we are so excited today to offer another giveaway (we’re on a rampage today!)  for the fabulous resource book Fabrics A to Z, which is a reference guide for getting to know and selecting fabric by Dana Willard from Made. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this book, and I’m sure it will come in handy as you go in for the tackle of your next knit project (It has a section dedicated to it!). For a chance to win this book, simply leave a comment below by January 25!**closed**

Fabrics A to Z

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Heather Feather

I didn’t get this for Christmas, even though it was on my list with thousands of other things, so I’d love to get it now! Seems like a great reference book to have!


I need to get this book. I have so many fabric questions, and this would be a great way to answer them! Thanks for the giveaway.


I would absolutely love this book! Identifying fabrics and choosing the right one for a project is the one thing I struggle with most!

Cathy Kizerian

What a neat-looking book. As someone who has sewn with knits in the past (can you say dinosaur?) this book should go to someone more deserving, so I just want to congratulate you on a great, informative series!


That looks like a neat book! I love this whole knit thing–sewing with knits is one of my favorite and I love getting new ideas!


I’d love to have such a reference guide to fabrics. As a beginner sewer I’m sometimes really lost…


What a valuable resource! I find myself shying away from trying any new kinds of fabric because I’m not sure how to care for them, how they’ll behave, or even what the right way to sew them is! This book would certainly help me branch out a little!

Donna Rae

Wow, check out the threads. So awesome. Think I need some new thread colors. Also, sure could use that book. Fabric has always stumped me and as much as I know, I still have lots to learn!

Holli Coats

I need this book! I was trying to find info about knits in my Sewing Bible the other day and it was definitely lacking. Thanks for this great series!


Thank you for all your posts on working with knits! They are an excellent resource, and I know I will be referring back to them.


Its been ages since my garment sewing. I am lost with all the fabric choices. This looks like a good book.


I say there ole’ chap, whatcha got there? A coconut. Where’dya get it? I found it in England. You can’t find coconuts in England. Well, I did, Well you can’t. Well I did…..


I have a pile of knits waiting to be sewn up, these posts have been building up my courage to cut into them. Thanks for the fantastic series and for the opportunity to win this book!

Lacy H

This book looks like an excellent resource that I’d love to have. Thanks for all your blogging; I have learned a ton!!


this book would be a great addition to my (very small) ‘library’, i’m quite lost in this wonderful fabric paradise!


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