Stretch Yourself // Learn to Sew with Knits

This series is sponsored by Baby Lock. For over 40 years, Baby Lock has been dedicated to the love of sewing by creating machines for sewing, embroidery, quilting and serging – all with ease-of-use, high quality and a touch of elegance.


Hey Hey Hey, (jazz hands and a little click of the heels), I’m SO excited to finally share with you all of the sewing-with-knit awesomeness that has been in the works! Welcome to Stretch Yourself! A series hosted by yours truly and Miranda from One Little Minute ! We felt like the New Year was a great time to learn a new skill (or improve on one), and sewing with knits is one of the best sewing skills you can have–they are easy, fun, fast and forgiving, and probably what you and your family wear the most.   Miranda and I have jam packed the next two weeks with information, tutorials, pattern reviews, giveaways, and guest projects all focused on teaching you how to sew with knit fabric. And there’s something here for all of you–if you’re a beginning or seasoned sewist–you’ll definitely learn something new (I know I did!)

The first week will be all tutorials and information. The schedule will go as follows:

Monday, January 7th: Knit Fabrics and Selection at One Little Minute // Cutting Knit Fabric at Mad Mim

Tuesday, January 8th: Making a Pattern from a Tee Shirt at One Little Minute // Drafting a Tee Pattern from Measurements at Mad Mim

Wednesday, January 9th: Basic Tee Shirt Construction at One Little Minute // Finishing Details for Knit Fabric at Mad Mim

Thursday, January 10th: Tee Shirt Dress Variation at One Little Minute // Peplum Tee Variation at Mad Mim

Friday, January 11th: Drafting and Sewing Leggings at One Little Minute // Drafting and Sewing a Maxi Skirt at Mad Mim

Saturday, Januraty 12th: Serger and Coverstitch Techniques at One Little Minute // Threading and Setting Up the Baby Lock Diana at Mad Mim

Are you pumped up yet? We’ve been sewing our nights away in preparation for this series, and are so thrilled with the piles of finished clothing that we’ve made. Everything is super basic but with endless variations. We hope you’ll find some stretchy fabric this week and sew along with us!

Stretch Yourself Series - Learn to Sew Knits with Mad Mim and One Little Minute Blog

Next week will be all about pattern reviews and guest projects. The schedule for week two looks like this:

Monday, January 14th: Sewaholic Renfrew Review at One Little Minute + Mad Mim // Guest Projects at I Still Love You + Feather’s Flights

Tuesday, January 15th: Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan Tee Review at One Little Minute + Mad Mim // Guest Projects at Skirtastop + Elle Apparel

Wednesday, January 16th: Victory Lola Review at One Little Minute + Mad Mim // Guest Projects at Very Purple Person + Sew Fearless

Thursday, January 17th: Figgy’s Banyan Tee Review at One Little Minute + Mad Mim // Guest Projects at Anu*Miki + Paunnet

Friday, January 18th: Megan Nielsen Briar Review at One Little Minute + Mad Mim // Guest Projects at A Little Gray + Lladybird

Saturday, January 19th: Ottobre Design Review at One Little Minute + Mad Mim // Series Wrap Up at One Little Minute + Mad Mim

In addition to all of that, throughout the series we will be hosting giveaways from Fiskars, The Fabric Fairy, and each of the pattern companies that we worked with!

Miranda and I hatched up this idea in the first place because we both adore knit sewing, and consequently have learned a lot from years of experience. But there is also so much great stuff out there on the topic, and here are some of our faves. Renee from Creative Chicks at Play has a fantastic series about knit sewing called the Tshirt Series, and I also love Lauren from Lladybird‘s conquering knits post.   Other worthy mentions: Made by Rae did a series of “KNITerviews” in her series: KNITS (sub-titled “Stretch Yourself”! Great minds think alike!), Sewaholic has a sewing with knits  roundup,  Luvinthemommyhood shared a list of her favorite resources, and  this post by Prudent Baby on sewing with jersey is great,

We’re jazzed (remember the hands) to add our series to whats out there; and we hope that there’s something here for you! This is a true collaboration, as our tutorials all  go hand and hand with each other, and really build off each other’s topics.  I am in LOVE with everything Miranda did (she’s so amazing!), and we’re both over the moon to partner with so many great sponsors–especially Babylock. We hope you enjoy reading along, but we really hope that you STRETCH YOURSELF and try a little something you learn!

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Trish Hanson

Loving this series. I was given a bunch of jersey knit and found this series when I was looking for tips to sew it! Awesome timing!


oh yay! this is gonna be great. i love a knit series, I sew alot with knits cuz thats what we wear. can’t wait see all that you girls have cooked up for us.


This all sounds wonderful but I’m wondering if any of this can be done on my current serger. It’s a BabyLock but its over 20 yr old,1986. Couldn’t use it for about 20 yrs because it froze up and every place I took it to be fixed couldn’t do it. Finally found a genious and is finally working. It’s a 5 thread and I’m anxious to get started on it again. Currently looking for my instruction book, no luck so far. Maybe I’ll find another genious???


Yes Evelyn, I’m sure that your serger will do fine with all of this! A serger is a serger! I know that you can buy old manuals sometimes, either on ebay, or a lot of time the manufacturer sells them. Good luck with that one!


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