Sneaking back to anonymity

When I started mad mim almost three years ago my plan was to keep my kids completely anonymous here, because I didn’t like the idea of their names and faces being out there for anyone to know. By degrees I started mentioning them more and more as I realized that my craft life and family life are (surprise surprise) the same thing.  I often referred to them as ‘the boy’ or ‘baby girl’, but I had started calling them by name too. Just a few weeks ago I got a couple emails from family and readers about having my daughter’s name sewn onto her backpack, which made me remember how I had wanted to keep them somewhat sheltered.  Since this blog is an extension of my life as a mother and obsessive crafter, it will naturally have bits and pieces of my family; but I have decided to retreat a little back into anonymity by using pseudo names for them, which still gives me the freedom to talk about them, but protects them a little more.

So my oldest daughter is now Twinkle, my son is now Tito, and my baby girl is now Tiny.

I know a lot of you know their names, and that’s fine. My husband went back through previous posts and changed all mentions to their new pseudo names, but I’m sure if your curious  enough you could find a mention or two that we missed. It’s not a perfect system, but this is where I am, so this is where I’ll start!

Sewing Summit is this week, and I am SO excited!! I have about 100 projects I want to get done in two days (i.e. business cards, business card holder, a blazer, a blouse, a wallet!), so I’ll be sure to tweet the 1 or mabye 2 I actually get to!

Are you going? Be sure to comes say hi to me if you are!!

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the mither

There are some good reasons to be careful with identities, especially of your little ones, so I appreciate this. You have so many friends in this venue, but it is a strange world out there. I do think the concerned among us will be glad to know that little Twinkle was never going to be at a bus stop or strolling through the park with her backpack, setting her up to a perv being able to call her out by name. She runs from the car to the school and from the school to the car and that’s it. Peace out.


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