Silk Tie Eggs

I’ve never been much into holiday decorating, and I’m not sure why. I think mainly it’s because interior design for me has always been a very slow and gradual process (it’s taken me YEARS to decorate my home in way I’m happy about), and so I just can’t keep up with the ever changing seasons and holidays. Also I don’t think I’ve found the right balance between cutesy and classy. But this past week I’ve been thinking that it would be nice to have something fresh and different to change up my decor with. ¬†I just don’t know where to start.

Today at my in-laws I was DAZZLED by these delicate eggs my sister-in-law dyed using silk ties. She explained the process (which I googled and found here), and it involves wrapping the eggs in cut up silk ties and then simmering them to imprint the design onto the egg. Aren’t they SO pretty? I’ve never seen this before (I admit, I’m definitely not hip to the Easter-Egg dying scene), but was really charmed. I would love to have some beautiful eggs like these to pull out during Easter. They would make me happy, and maybe a bit of a nervous-wreck. I should probably mention that there were four eggs to begin with, but my 3-year old broke one within the first 30 seconds of our arrival… ah! The whole decorating-with-children¬†conundrum!

mad mim_dying eggs with silk ties mad mim_dying eggs with silk ties

PS I had a little Easter photo-shoot with my kids today, and can’t wait to share!

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A friend of mine takes pictures of her kids at the beginning of a season & puts those pics in frames, so her pictures are always current & part of the holiday decorations. (I have a hard time printing pictures, so this wouldn’t work super well for me.)


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