She’s cleftless.

Everything went well with Tiny’s cleft repair surgery, and she’s right on track for recovery. I’m so glad it’s over–at least that part of her journey.  It was much harder than I ever imagined–the 18 hours post surgery were some of the hardest of my life. She was in so much pain, and I was completely unprepared for how difficult her immediate recovery would be phsycially. It still makes my stomach turn thinking about how she looked when they let me back to see her. I’ll spare you the gory details, but Allan (don’t tell him I’m telling you), nearly passed out, and the nurse ordered him to sit down and drink some juice. But the great thing about the mouth is how fast it heals, and after a very long and agonizing evening and an equally stressful night, she woke up significantly improved. And so she’s continued to be, with the help of some serious drugs.  We can give her a pacifier again starting tomorrow, and from there we’ll continue to teach this girl what she needs to know in order to eat on her own; our goal is to have her off the feeding tube by Christmas, God willing.

Thanks again to all of you who sent prayers, thoughts and good vibes our way. I’ve never felt them so much as I did this weekend!



Oh what a precious girl. Images of your child in the hospital can haunt you. I hope she recovers quickly and smiles and eats and gains weight so you can have those memories fill you up!


Wonderful news! One more hurdle she has leaped…she definitely has her mumma’s pizzazz!! Lets hope she can get onto that booby soon too :o) Happy days girl xx


Great news that all went well. Best wishes to Harper – what a brave little girl – from your friends over the pond in England.


Wow what a big hurdle she has taking. You mut be very glad this one is over with. Many blessings for her road to recovery and strength for you and your husband as well. The picture is beautifull but it also makes my heart cry. I’ve been there too and a little bit later down the road I was so glad I took picture in the hospital. From another friend over the pond in Holland.


How nice of you to ask! No, she didn’t. Actually, we had to make different goals in the end. She just got a G tube put into her stomach, so now our goal is for her to tolerate her G tube feeds, socan take her off the nasal tube. Sometimes things don’t happen the way you want them to, but I’m grateful for any progress, no matter how small! Thanks again for asking!


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