Sewing Summit Recap

There’s nothing like sewing, laughing, and eating too much sugar ’til 3 am, I always say. Get a group of passionate sewists and some great food and pre-Halloween candy together, and you’ve got my Sewing Summit weekend in a nutshell. It was so fun!

mad mim_sewing summit_2012

Melissa, Miranda and Leanne, I  love these girls!

My classes were so great! They had a good mix of quilting, apparel, and blogging–I very especially loved pattern making with Carrie, photography with Vanessa, and special occasion sewing with Sarai. All three of these lovely ladies left me completely inspired and pumped to jump in and take my skills to the next level. I could write like at least three very fawning and lengthy paragraphs here, but I’ll cut it short and just say that they were amazing.

mad mim_sewing summit_2012 mad mim_sewing summit_2012 mad mim_sewing summit_2012

I LOVED meeting so many talented women, making some great friends, and just doing what we love best together. My awesome roomies were the bomb–Miranda, Melissa, and Rachel were so great even though I blame their coolness on my total lack of sleep for the weekend. Most of my open sew time I worked on boring stuff I needed to get done (taping together/tracing/cutting patterns and fabric), but I did start on a quilted hexagon stocking for Tiny that I’m really jazzed about (thank you Kati for showing me the ropes!).

I felt so so lucky to go and rub shoulders with so much talent and coolness (THANK YOU Erin et al!!!) and am already looking forward to next year!



Absolutely loved meeting you. I had THE BEST weekend ever. Wish we all lived closer so we could have more sewing nights!


I am so jealous of your experience, but am SO GLAD you got to go. Seriously, it looks amazing, especially the rooming with Melissa part. 😉 I love that girl. I am excited to see what you’ve learned!!


Gahh you cannot believe how incredibly jealous I am of you right now. I live only an hour away and could not attend, much to my dismay. (The tickets sold out so fast!)


So mad I didn’t take Sarai’s class! I love her patterns, bought 2 at Yellow Bird fabric store in Utah. Have you made anything of hers?

Yam b fan

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall. Wait, at a nice hotel like that, they would have no doubt exterminated me. Will have to settle for this blog’seyeview. Thanks!


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