Sewing Summer T-shirts

My husband, bless his heart, did laundry the other day, and MAY or may not  have bleached two of my favorite  shirts. I told him his bad meant two new shirts for me. I was going to just buy some, but I never get to (loathe) the mall, and there I was in Hancock’s the other day, getting my swimsuit fabric, and I spied a couple tissue knits for cheap-99.

Some people ask me if it’s worth it to make my own clothes. Yep. First of all, it’s cheaper. But more than that, and most importantly, I like to sew. I enjoy it. And these were all fast, easy projects–just the kind I like.  I spent $9 on fabric for my two shirts, and J’s shirt and leggings.  The other day I noticed that I’ve sewn more than half the shirts in my closet. That feels good in a really nerd-crafty way. You can read ALL about t-shirts in my MANY posts about sewing, embellishing and designing t-shirts.

I got the idea for this shirt from my adorable sewing student Holly. She showed my a picture off her phone of a shirt that she’d seen in Nordstroms (I think?) for like a million dollars. Seriously. One. Million. Dollars.  I didn’t do as many hanging pleats, but the effect is the same. What do you think, Holly?

making an embellished t-shirt

making an embellished t-shirt-hanging pleats

making an embellished t-shirt hangin pleated shirt

And I may have gotten carried away with yo yos on this tee, but I was in the groove  (I made a pillow for my bed recently with a ton of yo yos–I’ll show ya’ll soon). Hoorah  yo-yos!!!

making an embellished t-shirt the yo yo t-shirt

making an embellished t-shirt the yo yo t-shirt

And I always have enough fabric left to squeak  a little something out  for J. She got a pair of leggins (a little on the short side).

using leftover fabric for child's leggings

And a shirt. I used one that her Grandma gave her for her birthday as a pattern.

Love that belly.

using leftover fabric for a child's t-shirt

using leftover fabric for a child's t-shirt



I just found your blog today and I love it! Ok, so I’ve only read one post so far – but I’ve already got you bookmarked. Can you really get knits like these at Hancocks? That is news to me. I typically sew only for my two daughters, but it is a goal and dream of mine to be able to make clothes for myself. Thanks for the inspiration!



Ok, I need to go step by step through your tutorials because sewing knits still really scares me and I’d love love love to be able to whip up a couple t-shirts on a weekend day!

the mither

Those are thrillingly cute tees. If you didn’t fess up, no one would ever know they were homemade.



Talk about foxy roxy lady. You are ddddddddddrewlable. Seriously. What was that about having gained some weight, last time I checked they were negative pounds, wish I’d gain some weight like that. Love the purple shirt, love it. Love the hanging pleats, they are pleats? The yo yo s look pretty too, and I can’t wait to see your pillow.


miriam iLOVE all of these!!! and i bet it didnt cost you 50$ like it did at nordstom. when i come back you should totally teach me how to make all of these


That t-shirt is so CUTE! One million dollars, wow, I will continue to sew! Enjoy being CREATIVE!!!


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