sewing is funner than therapy.

I just tried to count the projects that I’m working on–as in partially have cut out or started or are sitting on my craft table;  I lost count at ten.

What’s wrong with me?

Hi my name is Miriam, and I’m a craft addict.

Crafting is the sweetest form of distraction.  I feel like I reach for a needle and thread in the same way a drunk reaches for the bottle. It’s my addiction, it’s my therapy, it’s my sweet sweet solace.  I long for the temporary high I get planning and executing a project.  I hatch new projects faster than my kids go through underwear.

Nothing takes my cares and worries away like a good project, and since of late, my C & W count has been through the roof, so has my craft count. People often say, man mim, with all you have going on, when do you find time to sew??  And when people say that this is what I hear: you’re a bad mom. you shouldn’t have time for this stuff. why are you working on______ when you have______ going on?! I know that might not be super rational, but rational isn’t insecurity’s thing. Here’s the truth: the more crap I have going on in my life–the more stress, the more worry, the more things going wrong–the more I craft. Because I can control craft. I can visualize what I want, and make it happen.  And it requires my brain and my hands so I forget for a few hours that life is hard and sad sometimes.

Don’t worry, I’m okay. Tiny is doing well, and my marriage is great.  But I, probably just like you, have lots to worry about, lots to stress about, lots to pray over and for and through, and lots and lots and lots of projects cluttering up my craft corner.

Here’s how I’m currently distracting myself:

a lace straight skirt with pockets. Need to put in the zipper and maybe tinker with how the pockets lie.

-an easter egg dying party with my sisters. I was so inspired by Martha’s beautiful decorative eggs.

-easter outfits for the chillin’s. i’m thinking about going big again.

-working on a sweet stick horse tutorial complete with downloadable pdf. what!?

-draping another blouse in a nice apricotty orange. love orange, love blouses. love draping!

-earrings from some really cool beads i found a couple months ago.

-a unique portrait for my soon to be bro-in-law’s Christmas present. LAST Christmas. (of him and my sis in law)

-a couple really awesome refashions

-oh, and I’m redesigning my site!! Been working on that for a couple weeks, and now Allan is coding it up! can’t wait to go live!

-along with that i’m planning a couple new series that i’m so excited about.

mad mim craft corner

What role does your crafty hobby play in your life? Is it your therapy? Your guilty indulgence? Your fix?



Sewing = Total therapy and stress relief.

Although my friends can’t figure that one out at all because to them sewing = big time stress. Not for me. So that must explain the madness that is currently going on in my sewing room. Lots and lots of projects to complete and more ideas mulling around in my head.

Isn’t is time for my family to go on vacation and leave me home alone?

Yam B Fan

Basically, your blog is my crafting time. And I love it. Virtual crafting is much less stressful than real crafting for this sister.


Mom, yes, you deserve some reading time for sure.

I thought about this on my run today, and realized, running, praying, reading, sewing, outings, baths, sticking to my routines and teaching my children, studying my scriptures, and spring time are my therapy. 🙂 Thank the Lord in his mercy for an early and glorious spring out here.


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