Sewing for Your(larger)self

Now, I’m not itchin’ to talk about my weight, but rather to discuss a sort of crappy part of having babies and really just being a woman: sewing for yourself even when you’re in your personal “fat stage.”

I’ve been working out 5-6 days a week since Tiny was six weeks old. I’m training for a half marathon at the end of the month, and to date, I’ve lost ZERO weight. You know what that is? Mysterious. You know what else? Depressing. I haven’t updated you too much about Tiny’s situation lately, but it’s basically been a rough ride–one obstacle after another. My stress levels have, and are, through the roof, and I suspect that my body is DESPERATELY CLINGING TO EVERY SINGLE FAT CELL because it thinks I’m in a concentration camp or something. Plus this is my third kid, which I’ve always heard is much harder to bounce back from. I hate it when the nay-sayers are right…

So where does sewing come in to the picture? During my pregnancy I picked up fabric and patterns here and there, not being able to wait until I could start sewing non-maternity clothing. But of course all my projects were imagined for my skinnier self, and the prospect of sewing my dream clothing for my larger self is less than exciting.  Now I know that it’s only been 3 1/2 months, and there’s plenty of time for me to lose my extra 25, but the point is, do you do this?? Do you put off sewing for yourself because you’re waiting to be your ideal size? Maybe you don’t want to put in the effort for a larger size because you’re hoping you won’t be that size long?

Well, I hear you Sister. Up until recently I’ve been putting off many of my projects because I was supposed to be shedding all those added curves of my pregnancy.  But then I wasn’t. And I was tired of waiting. Do I keep waiting? Or do I bite the bitter bullet and sew a few sizes bigger than I had planned? I came to this conclusion: As much as I wish it weren’t so, the truth is I’ll be this size again.   I’m not done having kids, and then once I am done, life won’t quit being stressful and I won’t stop liking butter and sugar (not alone, silly). So I’m trying to embrace my more voluptuous self, and I even went out and bought the largest sized jeans that I’ve ever owned. And they’re cute! Don’t we women-of-many-stages deserve to have something cute and special to wear in all our stages? Shouldn’t now be the time we especially try to make flattering and becoming  (custom!) clothing, to soothe that sometimes sad transitional stage? (And also avoid the tragically depressing reality of the clothing-store’s dressing room mirror).

How do you feel about sewing for your larger self? Yes? No? Maybe so? I’m going to go for it. Look at it this way: even if what you sew doesn’t fit for long (and I’m crossing my fingers that it won’t!), just think how brilliant you’ll feel when it’s all too big! Nothing says Good Twinkleb! like a baggy pair of pants!

mad mim keeping it real(This is one nasty picture of me, but I’m just trying to keep it real. In my defense though, I am squeezing my baby-gut therefore emphasizing it’s lovely guttiness.



You are such a stud!! 5-6 days a week?! You’re amazing. That is just #27 on my list of reasons why. I think you are so smart to adjust to your present size–that way you can look good (therefore feel better) in every stage! Thou rockest.


I just wanted to say I totally relate and loved this post. I also have a 3.5 month old and I’m struggling with losing the baby weight and with finding time to work out. I’m watching what I’m eating while trying to make sure I’m eating enough to not endanger my milk supply.

It took me almost a year to loose 15 lbs last time and I’m determined to do better this time. I craft and sew a lot for the girls, and had just started to get into sewing for myself when I got pregnant. I have not wanted to sew for my larger self. But you’re right, I deserve nice things too, and I will be this size again as I’m not done having kids.

Thanks for the great post! And good luck on your half marathon.


I have a 2.5 year old and am still working on those last 10 pounds (which I’ve been working on for about 2 years now!)
I totally understand and believe in taking care of yourself, at every stage and size. I will admit, though, that it can be really hard to buy “that” size–the size you never thought you’d wear.
But, it’s totally true what people say, that no one cares what size you are when you look nice (clothes fit and are a flattering cut and color) and have a big smile on your face. Cheesy cheesy cheesy but true.


So I don’t usually sew for myself, at least not as much as I sew for the kids. And I am like you, I have a 3.5 month old, and still have the last 20-25 pounds to loose. Unlike you, I am done having kids. So this has been even harder, I really don’t want to have to buy anything in the in between sizes.
But I love the point you made. Embrace yourself. I think I will. I will be ok with who I am in this moment. And that can change. And that it is ok! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on a real subject that affects so many of us.
I will say this, I am pretty lucky, a friend cleaned out her closet, and sent me some jeans that fit and look brand new. No extra money spent, but I still look cute!

Beth @ Turn 2 the Simple

Hi! You look great and congrats on the exercising! I’ve totally changed my diet and after baby #2 lost the extra 25 pounds that I didn’t loose after baby #1 — so now back to my pre-baby weight/size! All I did was change my diet — no extra exercise, actually cut back on cardio and added a bit of strength training. And the diet changes are pleasant ones — no calorie counting! Check out this post that sums most of it up:
I know that it doesn’t make ANY sense according to what we have been taught but it does make sense when you take the time to think about it and IT WORKS!

Emily Balling

Sewing for the bigger self isn’t motivating, but then after awhile, sewing for the skinnier self is even worse, its no fun to not like yourself right where you are at. While I haven’t sewn….no, I take that back, I made a pant pattern to fit my curviest self. But I’ve mainly bought clothes for the larger self, and I bought a lot of flowy peasanty tops, and where I hated that chubby first trimester, I was wearing the same clothes before it so when it came a long, I didn’t hate it one bit. I have found myself feeling so elegant and classy that I really don’t care if its in my own head. Life’s too short not to be happy right now. You do look so cute and besides weight is so relative. One man’s fat is another man’s dream spot.
Baggy pants are the biggest compliment to one’s self once weight is lost, but even better is to wear something loose fitting knowing that the curves are sexy inside, but they aren’t everyone’s business! Feeling beautiful then is the key and its a hard one to do, I think it needs the Lord’s help personally because, on my own, I usually can’t muster it…and get stuck in my own mind of comparing myself to other times in my life.
Good job on your training, you are working so hard and doing so awesome! With the Lord’s grace, this life is so sweet…and in the hard times, life is so….bearable, just barely, hang in there kiddo you are doing too swell.


While I’m not particularly thrilled w/ my current weight, I am totally and completely for the idea of make the most of where you are. So even though I am using patterns in a size I NEVER thought I personally would wear, I want to look good now–because I’m just not sure I can lose that extra 18-20 that I’d like to. At least not anytime soon. Who wants to look like a schlep for more than half a day.


I’m with you on this one. I was at a point where I either needed to lose a few or go up to the next size. In the past I have just gritted my teeth and held on, hoping to lose the few, but in the meantime suffering the indignity of feeling uncomfortable every moment in how my clothes felt and looked. So for Christmas last year I got myself some clothes that I liked and felt good in. Murphy’s law dictates that I would then turn around and lose that weight–and I was never happier to give clothes to the thrift store in my life–almost new! No regrets. We DO deserve the personal dignity of wearing clothes that fit and feel good. And you are right– there are few joys to compare with the feeling of baggy pants that were once snug!


This is perfect timing. I totally just made myself a skirt yesterday and instead of using the pattern sizing I would normally do, I had to take measurements and even though it was depressing while I was cutting, once I had it on and it fit and it looked good, I forgot about the number. You always look thinner/better in things that fit vs things that are too small-hello muffin top.

Good intention are good but I want to look fabulous now no matter what size I might have become in my laziness.

5-6 days a week-Go Miriam!


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