Sewing for the Boy: The Dapper Easter Suit

I SWEAR I’m not biased when I say I think I must have the cutest little man in the world. I CANNOT get over how handsome he looks in his little Easter suit. Ahhhhh!!! Be still my heart!

This suit is the first edition of my vision, and it took me like a month to make. NOT because it was super difficult, it was just…not that exciting. Boy clothes are harder for me to get jazzed about I guess–probably the lack of lace and ric rac. The main problem was that I sew AFTER my kids are in bed, and so I never had a little  body to try it on as I sewed, and progress was slow.  BUT. When I did finish, I was so ecstatic with the results that it almost sent me into preterm-labor. I mean, REALLY.  I love how the high-waisted trouser looks so Newsies, and how the complete ensemble is so dapper and Harold Hill.

The bowtie goes with this little suit, like Bob Ross and happy little trees. Miranda was a SAINT (I’m talking like Mother Teresa), and scanned and emailed me some directions for her perfect little bow-tie a couple nights ago.  It’s an actual bow tie, I mean like it really ties, and is soooo far superior to the other child bow-ties I saw out there. Fortunately for all of you, I think she’s planning on throwing up a tutorial on her site for them pretty soon.

mad mim sewing_boy's easter suit mad mim sewing_boy's easter suit

mad mim sewing_boy's easter suit
mad mim sewing_boy's easter suit

Size: 2 (the trouser pants leg and suspender length was WAY too long and had to be shortened significantly.
Fabric: a heavier linen-like pinstripe from Wal-mart $1 fabrics which I bought years ago.
Difficulty: I would say the easier end of intermediate.
Total cost: $2 (the buttons are not figured into this cost as they are also vintage and I had them on hand)
Stay tuned for my girlie’s edition tomorrow!



Mim, so cute! You should have seen Mom’s reaction when she saw these in passing! She stopped and just yelled “so darling!” I can’t agree more. The outfit really brings out the sweetness of Little Mister. Take care!


He is just too cute for words!!!!! He looks so proud and happy to have HIS turn at posing! The suit is so well done and so is he–fantastic job, Mama Mim!


Oh my! I love love love this! I just made the shirt from this pattern and have been dreaming of the whole outfit. I found this in a google search. He is so adorable!

Lisa Bellisario

I just ordered this pattern, and the second instruction page is missing! Could I be so bold as to ask you to take a pic of the second page (I’m making version 3 of the shorts)?? Or maybe even both sides of the second page (if there are two sides). I know you’re probably busy, but just message me if it’s too much. lisa{dot}bellisario{at}gmail{dot}com

Sorry! Now I look like such a stalker! I just didn’t know if you’d receive the notification of the message I left on the other site.

Thank you!!!!!!!!


I’m so glad you commented, because I would never have gotten the message on the other site. I just emailed you a scanned copy of the second page, I forgot to mention there isn’t anything on the back (just a list of sewing terms).
Hope it turns out!


oh my goodness, this is super cute!! I LOVE the preppy boy look, it makes getting my boy dressed really exciting, but I agree making the clothes isn’t as fun!

and i loved the bob ross reference, hah.


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