Sewing for Sweet Sixteen

My lovely little sister just turned sixteen. And folks, of all the sixteenagers out there, she’s got to be the sweetest. For her birthday I wanted her to have a dress that she felt pretty and special in.  I gotta say in all seriousness, I myself was a pretty miserable sixteen-year-old.  I suffered from a low-self esteem and acne. Ughg. Don’t wanna think about it. Anyway.  Sixteen was a real rough year for me, and all I want for my sweet sister is the complete opposite. Sope, I think you’re real great. Really wonderful. Your dress turned out ALMOST as sweet and classic and lovely as you.

I used this Butterick pattern, although I raised the neckline a good three inches, extended the  darts, added different sleeves, changed and then embellished the waistband and added some flowery frippery to the neckline.

sewing a dress

sewing a dress-embellishment sewing a dress-embellishing waistband sewing a dress



She is beautiful, inside and out, and what a treat to have a sweet sixteen dress lovingly made by you Mim!


Mim, I l-l-love the dress! Thank you so much! It is so much fun having a dress that you know is perfect! Love you!


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