Sewing for a Belly: the Parting Glance Jumper

I love naming things I sew. Makes me feel cool.

mad mim maternity sewing_ the parting glance jumper So, I actually sewed this two years ago after my little man was born as a post-baby aka hide-my-flub outfit. I made this pattern according to my measurements, and ended up just swimming in it. It was just huge and frumpy, and kinda the last thing I wanted to wear right then. I wore it once. and never even bothered to hem it.

Recently I was weeding out some stuff from my closet, and this was the first thing to go into my repurpose pile.

This morning I was craving something comfy and just feeling a dress, and I passed my sewing desk and spied this jumper, and thought…hmmm, I wonder what it would look like as a maternity jumper?

Great! I threw on a belt (my newest favorite from the thrift store–so stretchy!), and found it improved it infinitely. I hemmed it, made some quicky alterations, and sported it happily today. I’m so stoked to add this jumperto my ‘drobe!

and p.s. can you BELIEVE that belly button action?! Oh man, OUT OF CONTROL. What an unbelievable phenomenon of nature.



Love the naming too! I am glad it works so well for your cute belly. And yes, that belly button is quite the site! Love you. ps. love your hair. you are so cute!


I LOVE your style! I am seriously planning on hanging out with you! How is next week??? I will call you soon. I hope you dont think Im psycho….meeting you at a baby shower and now wanting to be your BF 🙂 Your adoreable!!!!


Becky, this week is great for me, so just let me know when! And no, seriously, I love making new friends! Especially ones that make me feel awesome…who wouldn’t want that?! And I’m seriously just dreaming about seeing that bolt of fabric you have–maybe we could do something with it? Send me the link of the skirt from Anthro you want to make!


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