Sewing for a Belly: Take Manhattan Tunic from Twinkle Sews

The Take Manhattan Tunic aka I’ve-got-the-whole-world-in-my-cowl.

mad mim maternity sewing_take manhatten tunic from twinkle sews

Shoot. I’m trying to watch Finding Forrester and blog simultaneously. So far I’ve written the opening paragraph three times. I’m rubbish at multi-tasking.

This is yet another Twinkle Sews top. I know, I know, for a girl who is so passionate about the grievances committed therein, I sure can’t stay away, can I? Well, first of all, I did all the cutting and retracing at once, so most of the painful part is behind me.  And really I just gotta say, I love her designs.

Twinkle Sews Take Manhattan tunic

This top was the easiest of all Twinkle’s patterns I’ve sewn thus far, and I made no design alterations. I used knit because I can’t help myself, and omitted the lining. I used french seams everywhere but around the neckline.

Last night when I finished I liked it just okay. This morning(ish) when I put it on it seemed a little cuter, and by the end of the day I loved it. It’s funny, I’ve  never owned a cowl neck anything until this pregnancy, and now I’m going cowl-cray cray. The cowl is cool. It makes me feel stylish and kinda sophisticated for all my nights out on the town aka the grocery store. Casual but still stylish–I dig.

mad mim maternity sewing_take manhatten tunic from twinkle sews
Pattern: Take Manhattan from Twinkle Sews

Size: 12 (based on just my bust size, and I made no alteration for my belly so take note that it’s pretty roomy)

Difficulty: easy

Fabric: cotton knit from Hancock’s

Total price: $6


Amy Morby

Loooove it. Can I have it even if I’m not preggers? I’ve found myself being drawn toward cowls as well lately. They’re just fun I guess.

Emily Balling

Such pretty colors on you! 🙂 Feminine, and looks mother friendly, meaning it could get pulled and bent down with and still be modest! 🙂 Good job!


Sarah Beaubien

I love this tunic! And I love your use of it as maternity wear. I’m somewhat discouraged by the Amazon reviews of the book, however. In your opinion, is the book worth the purchase (given the oddities of the pattern files), or might I be better off trying to draft my own version?

I realize this is a 3.5 year old post, so you may not ever see this comment, but it’s worth a try. 🙂


I’m sorry for such a delayed response, you’ve probably moved on! With all my beef with this book, I am such a huge fan of the designs, I have made the Take Manhatten Tunic three times, the latest version just last week. They are so unique and flattering, and i have really loved everything that I’ve ever made from this book. However, every project has needed a LOT of tweaking fit wise, and because of the monumental headache that printing and taping the patterns are, I would say IF you’re handy with drafting, I might just try and get the same looks by making your own or combining other easier patterns. But gosh, in the end I guess I would recommend the book, because despite it’s short comings I’ve used it a lot and really loved everything I’ve made. Take that for what it’s worth!


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