Sewing for a Belly: Sea Stripes Sweater

Seastripe sweater history: A few weeks ago Lauren emailed me about a super cute maternity dress she’d made using some of my t-shirt tutorials (isn’t it fab?) In the same post she mentioned Miranda and how she was sewing much of her maternity wardrobe. I of course had to check that out, and upon visiting her blog, I realized that I knew her! Junior year of high school, she was in my same crew at Girl’s State.  We took a picture together one night when we were both wearing sparkly red dresses. Anyway, back to maternity sewing. I loved all the stuff she made, especially the stripe sweater inspired by this one from Madewell. I liked it so much that I wanted one of my own–she’s right, you know. It is perfection. (Fun fact: Miranda and I are due around the same time, and are scheming to collaborate on a mini series post baby!) Ah, the fun to be had.

I always like a bit of history, don’t you?

I used my basic t-shirt pattern as a base, and then just increased the width of the front panel, and added some gathers around the belly area. It’s actually quite roomy right now, which is good, cause I’ve been known to get astronomically large (that picture still astounds me). I might have to cut off the sleeves later when it warms up. You know, w.w.w., whack with the warmth.

Are you a stripe nazi? It bothered me that at the gathers around the belly the stripes misaligned, so I quickly re-aligned them after the gathers.

Pattern: my basic t-shirt pattern modified
Difficulty: easy
Fabric: Hancock’s, $3 a yard
Total cost – $6



totally love it!!! and love the huge maternity picture. I remember you being big, but not like that. You are so tiny everywhere else too.


I don’t know if this is an appropriate place to leave this comment/question, but what the heck…. I want to make myself a couple of ruched maternity tops, both out of thick-ish (as opposed to flimsy), fairly stretchy knits. I have two questions: 1. Should I make the front panel of the shirt WIDER as well as longer? 2. Where should the ruching begin and end? i.e. Below the bust or above it?

Thank you for your time!!!


Never mind… I did a little more searching and realized that my questions don’t make much sense. I figured out what I need to do. Duh! Thanks anyway.


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