Sewing for a Belly: number three, the Austen cardigan, and one year

Confused at the title? Let me explain:

Mad Mim Maternity: the Austen Cardigan

Number three as in prego again with Tribe the Third (due in June). I’m pretty excited as well as fairly nervous–everyone always says that three is the hardest. I believe that, but I’m trying to just focus on the fact the I’ve never been happier in my life than as a Mom, and that this baby will inevitably bring the same joy that my first two have. SO. Bring it on, baby.

The Austen Cardigan as in the first of many maternity clothing I will be sewing for this pregnancy. Who’s sick of ugly maternity clothes?! I AM!!! I decided that since I have pretty much everything I need for girl or boy baby, I’m going to dedicate my sewing largely to my belly; I’m going to be trying out and altering lots of patterns (maternity and non-maternity) as well as drafting a few of my own. The prospect of this juicy project is what got me through the post-holiday blues, and actually, I’m SUPER excited to be crafting/sewing with NO deadline imposed. Just sewing whenever/and whatever I want. I’m going to call this new series Sewing for a Belly, so buckle up for some belly-friendly beauties!

I bought a cardigan almost identical to this from Urban Outfitters for my sister in law for Christmas. I liked it so much I got busy just a few days after Christmas and made my own.  Although it was a very simple design, it was actually kind of challenging because the knit I used was very sheer and stretchy, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without knit interfacing. I love how feminine it is, and although there’s nothing really maternity about it, I find that a pretty cardigan can make the frump t-shirt and jeans look quite lovely.  So cardigans can be a belly’s best friend.

Pattern: I used my basic t-shirt pattern as the base, and then free-styled from there. I cut the the front piece down the middle, straightened the front neckline, and added a double ruffle. I cut the pattern right at the natural waistline, and added a double layered ruffled panel to the bottom half.

Fabric: this knit came from Hancock’s value fabrics. It’s a light weight, sheer knit with a rib-like design. Impossible to sew (at least with a sewing machine) without some essential knit interfacing.

Lining: just normal slinky lining from TwinkleAnn’s, although I did dye it grey because they didn’t have the color I wanted.

*Note: Because I don’t have a serger yet, I do all of my knit sewing using my overlock stitch,  which pretty much  mimics a serged edge. It’s perfectly adequate, albeit MUCH slower than a normal straight stitch.

And finally, One Year as in this is the first anniversary of my MadMim blog.  And what a great one it’s been! This blog was a New Year’s resolution from last year, and boy have I had  fun writing about all my sewing/craft adventures, and I have LOVED getting to know some of you along the way! It makes my DAY every time somebody leaves a comment, and I really appreciate all the wonderful things you’ve had to say and contribute. For this year, my goals for this blog are keeping MadMim authentic. To me, that means blogging about things that I am doing and am passionate about, and not blogging when I don’t feel like it. Right now my first priority is being a good mom to me kids, and so this blog has to be something that brings me joy but doesn’t distract me from what I really care about. That will probably mean my posting will continue to be somewhat sporadic and willy nilly. I hope you all don’t mind! I suspect many of you are in the same boat, and I think all of us can relate to A Time and a Place for Everything, right?  Thanks to all of you for tuning in, and stick around for another year of some mad crafting!

Mad Mim Maternity: the Austen Cardigan Mad Mim Maternity: the Austen Cardigan_Belly Shot



My number 3 is due in June too! We really should live closer together considering all our babies are the same age right! OK it’s settled, I can’t wait til you move to Vegas! Just kidding! Man oh man I wish I sewed clothes cuz that Cardi is so cute! And so is that little bump of yours!

LeAnne B

Yay for baby number three! You are one amazing seamstress…wish I had your clothing skills. Understand about the sporadic blogging thing. That is how I feel about mine as well. I love doing it, but if it takes away from my number ones then it isn’t worth it.

Excited to see all the maternity sewing!!! Hope you are doing just fabulous….I am sure you are…your bump is adorable btw.

LeAnne 🙂


when i was pregnant with number 3, i remember someone (with more children than that) how 3 was perfect. i have kept that with me for quite some time. i do think she was right. everything just worked out so perfect. it was a beautiful thing. (now when i was pregnant with number 4, someone with 4 told me that was overkill – i think that was probably right as well but i went on to 9 anyhow)


I’m the 4th of 9, so I’m of the opinion that 9 is pretty great.

Thanks so much for that–that literally is the first positive thing I’ve ever heard anyone say about balancing 3 children, and I’ll hold on to it!

the mither

Having seen both the cardi and the bump in person I can vouch for the fact that both are incredibly cute! Love the spirit of your blog and look fwd to every step of the way. You ARE my biggest fan . . . 3, 2, 1 . . .


i have been putting away maternity patterns for a few months now,
not that were pregnant or anything, but i just want to be stocked up, i feel like sewing maternity clothes will be sooo fun when im pregnant!


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