Sewing for a Belly: Masculin et Feminin skirt

Mad Mim Maternity clothing_masculin et faminin pencil skirt with belly band

This skirt is sorta the Masculin et Feminin skirt from Twinkle Sews, but mostly just kinda that skirt. The original design is is a pencil skirt with a low yoke waistband. The low yoke waistband was really was what I was interested in though, and that’s why I chose to adapt it for maternity wear. Really I didn’t need to use this pattern (especially with all the heartache and grief associated with Twinkle Sews patterns), because really the design isn’t that unique, and would be easy to find elsewhere–and actually it would be pretty easy to adapt any pencil skirt pattern. But it’s what I had, so I used it, and it actually turned out really great.

Twinkle Sews Masculin et Feminin

I wanted that low yoke because I figured the bottom of the yoke would be exactly where I wanted my belly band begin. It was perfect. So I ended up using the front and back pattern pieces, obviously bagging the top yoke and lace detail, as well as the lining which didn’t accommodate the stretch I needed. So it was TWO pieces, front and back plus a belly band and that was IT. It came together in 45 minutes, which is probably a record for me. I plan to make more.

Even though I’m much more hippy and rounded than normal, I wanted a pencil skirt because I’m sick and tired of the Christmas tree effect that always happens when you pair an a-line skirt (which tends to accommodate the blossoming pregnant hips better than straight and is therefore the go-to maternity skirt) and a flowy maternity top. Flair + Flair = Christmas tree.  Anyone else experienced this conundrum?

A word on belly bands. I’m am their biggest fan. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: when I’m pregnant, comfort trumps EVERYTHING ELSE. I can’t STAND having a waistband that cuts off my circulation, makes my tummy look like a nasty gut, and constantly needs adjusting (i.e. tucking in, and pulling up). Solution? The BAND. If it’s a good one, then it’s invisible under your clothing (it MUST go all the way up and have no elastic) and provides all the support with no discomfort. It’s like wearing a dream. My favorite band is Motherhood’s Secret Fit Belly ; it’s just quality stretchy fabric that holds everything in it’s place. I CANNOT abide the jegging trend that seems to be the maternity rage right now, because stretchy as they are (and trust me, I’ve tried to give them a go many times) they are still just normal pants, and cut me off under the belly which equates to not being able to breathe. So now that you know how I feel about belly bands I can tell you that I used spandex swimsuit lining for the band and it worked well. I made a long tube, and then folded it over and sewed it to the top of the skirt.

Mad Mim Maternity clothing_masculin et faminin pencil skirt with belly band

Mad Mim Maternity clothing_masculin et faminin pencil skirt with belly band

A few details about the skirt that aren’t pictured, or pictured well is the length, which is just below the knee, and the kick pleat in the back.

Pattern: Masculin et Feminin from Twinkle Sews

Fabric: stretch suiting from TwinkleAnn’s and spandex swimsuit lining for the belly band

Size: 16

Difficulty: Easy

Total cost: $7

My sister-in-law recently made light of my “classic head-down pose” as she called it, and I had to laugh because I guess I do kinda always put my head down. It’s just that I always feel silly taking pictures, and so I don’t usually try and pose much, and so I end up with a lot of head down photos. At least I recently dyed my hair so I don’t have any unsightly roots…

Twinkle Sews photo via The Cupcake Goddess



Oh my holy freak, that is so cute! You are seriously the cutest pregnant lady ever seen! (I secretly thought that during sewing lessons but was too afraid to tell you!) You should just be pregnant all the time. Then of course, we would miss your non-pregnant fashion goddess-ness. So please, continue to switch off.


Hey Mim, so I haven’t had the internet for like a year now so I am just catching up a bit and I have to say I have missed reading your sewing blog. You have so much talent and I am totally jealous but that means I need to practice more and get creative. I love your pencil skirt and I too and pregnant and could really use a good skirt!! Maybe I will be able to figure it out but probably not. I wish I lived closer to you then I could take sewing lessons from you. Derrick just bought me the sweetest sewing machine which is totally embarrassing seeing how I am no good at sewing. Maybe he thought if I had a great machine my skill would increase. But anyway, how far along are you? In the pictures you look so amazing. I am 22 weeks and having a boy. At home again. So I would love to hear from you again and find out your birth plan etc. since I know you are probably having a natural childbirth. It is just exciting to me. Talk to you later!!
Love, Lisa

Yam B. Fan

Fabulous! The colors are great on you, the look is supurb, and I’m 1000% with you on the COMFORT TRUMPS rule, and think you should go chin up on the poses–just pretend we aren’t there!

Miranda @ One Little Minute

Darling. And I totally agree about the belly band…over the belly is a must. I’ve actually been really into leggings this pregnancy, but I’m about at the stage where I need to cut off all of the tops and add long belly bands. It’s on the never-ending to do list;) I’m excited to continue reading your blog…maybe if you share a ‘head up’ photo I’ll be able to recognize you from our glory Girls State days!!

InCircle Interiors

how did you know i’ve been craving pencil skirts this whole pregnancy?! (can you crave clothes as much as food during pregnancy? yes, you can.) i have one from target that i’ve been wearing every sundee thanks to help from my belly band (i’m also a big fan), but i’ve just come to the point where it’s not going to work anymore. too tight. same with a couple others i have. now onto the christmas tree effect! i’m so glad you put a name to that. i hate it. but it may be inevitable. oh no!!!

Heather Feather

I think your maternity clothes tutorials are going to save me for this pregnancy! It’s totally going to help me make stuff to wear! I’ve already run out of ideas so thank you for this!
And that was the duck pond on 8th. You look sort of familiar too! Are you in Provo?


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