Sewing for a Belly: Filigree Apogee Top

Mad Mim maternity clothing sewing_Filigree Apogee Top

As bemoaned about in the last post, my sewing machine was in the shop getting serviced. As much as I missed it, it really freed up my evenings to do two things in particular that I’ve been wanting to for SOME time: read my brother’s new novel (which was very good), and design a new theme for my website! I dreamed up the design and created a mock-up in photoshop, and my genius husband is making it come to life before my very eyes with his mad programming skills (jazz-hands for my sweety who picked up programming as a hobby!!!) I LOVE the way it’s coming together, and can’t WAIT for it to go live!  And actually, it shouldn’t be longer then a few days I think! Woo. hoo.

And I finally made him stick around long enough in the morning (uh wait, he usually leaves at like 10:00–doh!), ok so got ready early enough for him to take some shots of me in the top I made last week.

mad mim inspiration piece

I found this top somewhere in the abyss of fashion online and saved the picture, but not the store, so I have NO idea where it’s from. Somewhere I’d never heard of. I loved the fluttery neckline (I’m such a sucker for jazzed up necklines), and I thought it would be a great growing-belly top. I winged the pattern, and although I love it, there are a few things that show my winging. First of all, I WISH upon a star that I had made the bodice shorter and the front panel longer. I was working with limited fabric again, so once I cut, the deed was done. It’s just a hair lower than empire, which is just a hair to low for a massive belly. It works now, but it might be weird when I get bigger. *sigh*

Mad Mim maternity clothing sewing_Filigree Apogee Top

Mad Mim maternity clothing sewing_Filigree Apogee Top

Mad Mim maternity clothing sewing_Filigree Apogee Top

I created the fluttery neckline by taking the measurement of the front neckline–from shoulder to shoulder–and then cutting a circle with that circumference. I cut the a hole in the center so it became a ring with the width I wanted the ruffle; I cut a slit in the ring and this became the first ruffle. From there I did the same thing working out from the original circle, so the other ruffles are not quite fluttery as the top, because their curve was gentler.

The drop-sleeves were a little frumpy, so I added some horizontal pleats that I had seen somewhere (maybe at the Gap?), and that cinched the end and brought it up slightly. Love them.

And for the back, I added a horizontal stretch of elastic to bring it in a little, but still accommodate future growth.

Pattern: basic drop-shoulder silhouette  with the front piece separated into a bodice and front panel. I added lots of width to the front panel, to allow for some pleating.

Fabric: cotton knit–a gift from my sis Em. Thanks Em!! (I’m not sure how much it was..)

Difficulty: pretty easy

PS, in other news, Mona-the-dress-form is also expecting. She’s feeling pretty good, but is kinda bummed about how lumpy her belly is.



Miranda @ One Little Minute

You could throw a belt on that puppy and be good as gold with the empire (and that “hair too long” will allow for some post-maternity chest hugeness, which if you’re anything like me…)

I love the sleeves, too. Saw that detail on someone’s shirt at playgroup this week and made a mental note to use it somewhere, sometime!

Great shirt.


So cute! The fabric, really hangs beautifully. Can’t believe you made that basically just from looking at a picture. Amazing. You are seriously one of the best dressed Prego-Mamas on the planet. Love the hair and the head up, as well!

Emily Balling

Hey, its the fab, fabric I got you. Awesome you could read Cor’s book, exciting about the upcoming site, Mona is cute, familiar, something really familiar about her. Fillagree Apigree….is this named for Bed Knobs and Broomsticks? Ha, yes I am good, I guessed it! Pretty fem/mas outfit below. You are amazing to figure out that circle neck line deal. Cute braids! Love the sleeves, the pleats and the ruffles, you did a great job! Lovely scarf too.


LauraLee Foley

I love that your dress form has a name!!! My daughter renamed my dress form when she was like two…. I had named her “Mabel” and she called her “Nabel” for the longest time…LOL!!! 😉


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