Sew Kate Sew’s Envelope Clutch

Clutch is a really funny word. Clutch. Like, she felt the canyon wall crumble beneath her white-knuckled grip, so she desperately clutched her shaky hand-hold.   Man oh man do we really cling to our essential clutch-contents just as vehemently as we would our life!  Like, I am NOT going to that movie without my chapstick, Ya’ll. 

mad mim_shibori bleach_envelope clutch_5

I was so excited to have a go (along with Krista and Delia) with See Kate Sew‘s new (free!) envelope clutch pattern! I’ve never actually owned a clutch, and this was such a great one to start with. It is a breeze to put together, and such a great size and design. And it just takes 2 fat quarters to make, I like that little perk.

For my design I decided to keep up my leaching phase, and do some shibori bleaching. Shibori (for any of you not in the tie-dye-know), is the technique of binding, folding, gathering, etc before either dying, or in this case, bleaching. I wish I would have started with black fabric as it’s the funnest to bleach (more pronounced effects), but I still really loved how the warm brown cotton turned out.  I cut my fabric into a fat quarter, and then starting with the center of the cut, I bound it into interesting designs using rubber balls and these little plastic cubes I have for a Montessori math activity.  There wasn’t any rhyme or reason to it, I just secured those suckers in there: bouncy ball, cube, bigger ball, and then little cubes in a circle all with rubber bands and my daughter’s hair ties, and then stuck it in a pretty concentrated bleach bath (1-1 bleach/water ratio) for about three minutes.  The look is a lot like tie-dye, but the color results are more mono-chromatic and always a bit of a surprise, which is fun.

mad mim_shibori bleach_envelope clutch_6

I love the earthy tones!
mad mim_shibori bleach_envelope clutch_2

For the front envelope flap I added a bit of leather fringe (inserted like you would with piping), which adds a nice pop and emphasis to the design.
mad mim_shibori bleach_envelope clutch_1
I also really like how the clutch looks folded in half, depending of course on what you have stuffed in there. mad mim_shibori bleach_envelope clutch_3 Fringe is just fun, I always say..mad mim_shibori bleach_envelope clutch_4Such a quick and satisfying little project, go make one yourself!



I love this! The dye is amazing! Anything I dye using any kind of tying method always ends up looking like it’s ready to go to Woodstock. And the fringe is really fun!


I love reading about the process, such a creative idea and I love the colors. How cool that you used bouncy balls, hah! Thanks again Miriam!


Fringe is always fun. I agree.

I cannot express how much I love love this Miriam. This is by far my favorite clutch to date. You are so fun to read too. You have a intelligent, endearing way of writing that makes me want to cozy up on the porch of your blog and just read all evening.


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