Serger + Surgery

Sergery=surgery + serger. Let me explain.

Tiny had surgery on Tuesday! This was for her Larygomalacia, and so far she seems to be breathing much better. It’s such a comfort to NOT hear her wheeze and gasp ALL the time. She’s still sounds striderous when she’s crying, but on the whole, I think the surgery was a success. She spent most of Tuesday in intensive care, and then we spent the night and yesterday on the floor for monitoring. We came home last night, and boy is it ever a relief to be home again. I cannot express to you the utter frustration that comes from trying to sleep and get your baby to sleep in a hospital. Torture. Frustration. Delirium. Now  that she can breathe better, we hope HOPE HOPE times TEN it will now help her coordinate her swallow so we can start to ween her from the dreaded feeding tube!

Here’s Tiny and Daddy right before she went in. It was so heartbreaking letting them take her away from me.

And here she is afterwards. This was after they took her off oxygen, but before they added more monitoring wires, and another IV in her little hand. It is so frustrating trying to hold your baby with about a bajillion cords and tubes hooked to her–can I get a witness?? RIGHT after surgery she was WAY zoned with glazed eyes and sluggishness, and I really hated seeing her like that. They said that she was pretty mad when she came out of the anesthesia, so they hit her hard with Nubain. 

But other than all those cords, isn’t she looking healthy? She’s 10 pounds now!  We’re so grateful everything went well–we feel so blessed.

Now about the serger. So my sis Eirenie asked me the other day if I want to try and put a bid in for a serger. A friend of hers said that the school district she works for was having an auction and their were some sergers up for bid. She said the bidding started at $75, so I said sure put in a bid for me, but we can’t afford anything more than $75, mostly because we can’t even really afford that. Imagine my UTTER DELIGHT, no, ASTRONOMIC DELIGHT, when she gave me a call yesterday to say that I was now the owner of a Bernina serger in mint condition! Woo hoo!!! I feel I have put in my time with a sewing machine, and am SO excited to finally own a serger. I mean, I’m over the moon excited about it.  Cool. And for $75! What a sale!

So I know I’ve been spotty about blogging lately. I can in good conscience blame it on my busy life, but I will also confess that I’ve been sucked into the Psych vortex, which has sucked almost all productivity from my nights.  But never fear. Allan and I finished the last season available for steaming via netflix last night. I have a ton of projects backed up, and am pretty “psyched out of my mind” (name that movie) about some of them. See you sooner than later!

XO Mim

PS is there anything I should know about buying serger thread? Certain brands good/bad? Do you think this is a good deal?



When my “baby” who is almost 6 now has tubes put in his ears right before he turned one the nurse said that one of the side effects of anesthesia was being angry when you came out of it–but that it happened only about 10% of the time. Well lucky us, we got the 10% kid and boy was he one ticked off little guy. He wasn’t even happy to see me. In fact he was so worked up that when we went to pick up his meds at the pharmacy on the way home he puked right there in front of their counter. It was just lovely!

Glad her surgery went well and congrats on a dream machine. Talk about how much fun you’ll have with it. You’ll think you’ve died and gone to sewing heaven. Have fun!


I am glad the surgery went well, and that she is making progress. It must be very hard to watch your little one go through all of this. Best wishes!


hallelujah! That’s #1 for baby and #2 for your serger–can’t wait to see the great things that will come from this, #1 for Harper and #2 from your serger!

LeAnne B


So glad that everything went well for Harper. I hope it all continues to go well. WOW! That is a SCORE on a serger. I got one for my b-day, not a Bernina and NOT for that price, but still pretty good. Excited to see all the things you make! Oh, we got sucked into Psych too…almost done with all the seasons on Netflix.


Glad to hear things are going good post-surgery.
You don’t need to go out and get crazy with buying serger thread, even though you’ll hear how it takes so much. Get a couple cones of white, off white/tan, brown, blue and black, and maybe red. Just start with white and black if it’s not on sale. Look for woolly nylon, or ‘textured nylon’ too, if you like to sew with knits. For the needle threads, you can use regular thread, even on a sewing machine bobbin! I got a set of threads on cardboard tubes with matching plastic pre-filled bobbins for Christmas. I can’t use the bobbins in my sewing machine, but now I have like, 30 colours to choose from for the serger! I can use the cardboard tube thread in one needle and the bobbin in the other needle. Only the needle threads show up on the outside, so the looper threads can be whatever you want 🙂

amy dame

aww. i’m not a parent, but i can imagine how heartbreaking it must be to have a child who requires so much medical care. i’m glad things are looking up now, post surgery!

re the serger – yay! congratulations! i’ve had a serger for 12 or 13 years now and i LOVE it. mine finally died and i replaced it last fall – i fully intend for the current one to last me another 10 years!

some sergers are pickier than others with the thread. my grandma and i have this ongoing fight about how she thinks her serger thread is better than mine because she buys hers at walmart and walmart only sells the best quality, everyone knows that. (my grandma’s crazy) but she’s lucky, because her cheapo serger does handle the cheapo thread fairly well. sometimes it’s the more expensive machines that are the pickiest anyway!

my older machine was cranky about thread – but only dark thread, like black and navy. apparently the darker the dye used on the thread, the weaker the thread is. so for black and navy, i used pricey gutermann and mettler thread that i stocked up on when it went on sale. but for the rest of my colours, i could use whatever i liked in the loopers, as long as i used a good quality thread in the needle, cause that’s really where the tension is most particular anyway. there is some advantage to using a better quality thread if you can afford it – it doesn’t fuzz up as much, so your serger doesn’t get as linty on the inside, but really, if you can’t swing it, don’t worry about it!

start out with some basic colours, and go from there. i have a ton of serger thread, but i’ve also had a serger for a long time. i started out with the basics, and as i did projects with different colours, i added to my stash. honestly, i use my black and white most of the time if i’m just sewing for myself anyway, because it usually doesn’t feel worth the effort to switch the colour!

i’m sorry this is long, i ramble a lot, but hopefully it’ll help a bit! oh! and fleecy thread? sooooo cool! it’s pricey, so buy it with a coupon if you can, but it’s definitely nice to use. i like it when i’m making clothes that will be snug against my body, like tights.


You can use regular thread of course but it’s super expensive. Joanns sometimes puts serger thread on sale. Honestly white or black will do for most everything. I have red and pink too but it’s such a pain to change out all the thread that I seldom do it. Yay for used sergers! I’m currently without serger but I’ve gotten two in the past used that I loved. I drove them straight into the ground. They were pretty old though.

Wonderful news about your daughter’s surgery! None of my kids have had to have surgery but I know even from the occasional Er visit to overnight stays at the hospital how exhausting and stressful it is for the parents. Emerging from the hospital reacting to natural sunlight like a vampire, having lost all sense of day and time. I know how relieved you are to be home 🙂

p.s. Great blog!


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