scheming the perfect maxi skirt

I’ve got quite a few sewing projects piling up on my horizon, and sitting on top is the perfect maxi skirt. A long maxi skirt is just everything I want my summer to be: comfy, casual and cool.

Here’s my inspiration from around the web:

Gathered front with pockets from Adam
gathered front with pockets maxi from Adam

Gored maxi from Anthropologiegored maxi skirt from Anthropologie

Paperbag Maxi from Asospaperbag maxi skirt from Asos

ruched waistband from expressDirectional striped maxi from Nordstrom
directional stripes maxi skirt from Nordstrom

Simple A-line from Anthropologiesimple striped a-line from Anthropologie

Exposed seamed skirt with pockets from Urban Outfitters
pocketed maxi skirt from Urban Outfitters

Which one is your fav? I really like that first one from Adam, but I also like the simplicity of that simple a-line from Anthropologie. Well, I like ’em all. I’ve got a wonderfully stretchy dark navy striped knit for the project, which I may have to double up on (like I did here) because it’s pretty sheer. Now. What SIZE to make it?? Do I fit it to my currently thunderous hips, or my slightly-less-thunderous hips in three months?  Ah, the delights of post-baby sewing!



I love the last one. It looks so light and airy. I can’t wait to see what you make.

Miranda @ One Little Minute

Stretchy, striped Maxi? Sounds like something I whipped up (before church) at 40 weeks + 1 day to get myself emotionally through the overdue day. Now I face the same size dilemma…of course it will have to be taken in, but do I wait until fall or make it fit now, when I want to wear it and nothing else fits? Maybe take it in for now, then take it in again later? Mine is a simple a-line with elastic and a drawstring. If you stick with simple, you can make it to fit and take it in, too!

ps Happy Harper is here. Hopeful that you’ll get in a good rhythm of life even with her cleft, and feel balanced. Thrilled someone gifted you a camera (more photos of the baby, please:) Always impressed with your talents. Maybe we’ll hold off a little while longer on our project? I’ll be in touch.



What a coinkydink! I was just scheming to make a maxi skirt as well, great inspiration to get me sewing! I love the Paperbag Maxi from Asos.


I love the Nordstrom stripe and the Skirt with Pockets. I hadn’t seen your previous maxi dress before. Love it. You’re maternity wear has got me scheming for lots of sewing. 🙂


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