Braided-Neck Tee

When making your own clothes,  you take what fabric you can get. A neighbor and friend gave me TONS of fabric she was clearing out, among which I found this blue knit.  The sleeves were supposed to be different–I can’t remember what—but I do remember that they didn’t turn out, and they became little bubble sleeves. I messed up cutting the body, and it turned out more fitted than I originally planned. And I tried to put a facing on this neckline–instead of a band–didn’t like how it looked, and from there was born the braid. This shirt has never been my favorite, but considering it was just one accident after another, it turned out okay.

The tutorial for this is the quickest and dirtiest of all.

Make a really long braid from your fabric scraps.

Tack them on by hand.

Spill applesauce all over it. Yep, I pulled this shirt from the dirty laundry for the picture.

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I went to JoAnn’s last night in hopes to find some cheapo knit/tshirt fabric with a little bit of stretch. Needless to say, everything I found was $7.99-$14.99/yd which is way more than I want to pay. I found some good $3 clearance fabric, but I was so bummed!! I still need to check out WalMart’s $1.50 section, but where else can I look? I hate using 100% Cotton to make shirts!!


HANCOCK’S. It’s all about Hancock’s. Seriously. I’ve found LOTS of good knits there, and I’ve never paid more than like 2 dollars a yard. They have coupons like JoAnn’s, and their bargain section is way decent. Also, although Walmart is hit and miss, you really can find good stuff there.

Katie M

Wow Mim! Can I just tell you that you are SO amazing!! I love you!
I love this site! Maybe we can have a sew day so you can help me with making one of these adorable shirts.


OF COURSE. I would love that. I wish I had more time to visit with you the other night! I didn’t home from shopping until like…10:00. Ughgh.

Awnings Cape Town

Wow, I wish my neighbors were near as awesome as yours lol. On a serious note though, you are so talented. I doubt i could make near as awesome clothes as you do had i got free fabric! You should become a fashion designer and a tailor haha. Cheers.


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