Sailboat Pendant DIY with Ruche

Hey hey! I’ve got such a fun little bit of craftiness to share today! Hop over to Ruche’s lovely youtube channel to see my sailboat pendant DIY, Melissa and I both are sharing our nautical themed DIYs from when we visited their headquarters during our trip to LA.  We had so much fun shooting these videos, and it was fascinating for me to the see the behind-the-scenes of Ruche, I was so impressed. I loved the craft room!! They have such a wonderful team, and they were so fantastic to work with. Thanks Ruche! Don’t miss Melissa’s painted leather cuff tutorial, it’s pitch perfect, just like everything she does!

The pendant is a spin-off of my gold confetti earrings, and the instructions in the video can be applied to them as well, so bonus!

mad mim_nautical sailboat pendant for Ruche


yam b fan

I’ve just been lurking through the summer–no time to breathe, much less post! and normally i would think it excessive to comment this much, but i think the main wave has passed through, and a little after clap won’t hurt, will it? This pendant is classy all the way. it looks like a very fun addition to your life!


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