Refashioning Colored Jeans

On Saturday I had about twenty minutes to run to DI.  Twenty minutes and DI are even awkward hanging out in the same sentence, but like or not, I lacked the time I usually indulge in at that thrifting wonderland.   I was on a mission for a VCR, quality throw-pillow inserts, and some colored jeans ( a trend I have long supported but have failed to participate in).  I blindly grabbed a VCR that looked like it might still work, scored a matching pair of amazing feather pillow inserts dressed quite hideously in green silk and taupe pom poms, and then darted to the jeans.  I have looked before with no luck, but this time I uttered a semi-articulated prayer please let there be some orange or maybe light green jeans!   (Not consciously believing that God cares two straws about the color of my jeans, you understand). In a matter of 30 seconds I had both orange and green and was headed for the dressing rooms. The orange pair were two sizes too big from Express, and the green pair were legitimate 1990’s mom jeans (and by that I mean mom jeans), with a long waist and frumpy leg. Perfect. I paid $4 each, and was out of the store in less than 15 minutes.

The orange pair took FOREVER. Holy Flipwad. I started out taking in the side seams (including pockets) almost an inch on each side, as well as the waist band. I used this tutorial by Freshly Picked, and it was simple and straightforward work. I then began to skinnify the legs, thinking I’d be done in time to go to bed early. Nope!! The legs were just weird, and I couldn’t just taken them in at the sides, but had to take more in from the backs and then continually adjust the fit so they didn’t fall wonky.  By the end of the night, I think I had taken out one leg’s side seam maybe 5 times, and was ready to throw them out the window. I finally got a good fit, and then immediately tackled the green jeans. They fit fine in the high waist, but I did take them in in the crotch as well as the legs.  I don’t have to tell you that I didn’t get to bed early, but I did end up with two pair of pretty awesome colored skinnies that may or may not have been put into my path divinely.

Before: 2 sizes to big and boot cut. 

After! Awesome fit, skinnier and still awesomely orange. 

Side seam. Pretty unnoticeable, if you ask me. 

Before Green Mom Jeans:

After: cool high-waisted skinnies aka still mom jeans but with better fit. 

I applied for the Sewing Summit scholarship last night, which had a submission deadline of last night at midnight. I sent my email Folks, at 12:00 am ON THE DOT. It would have been early (maybe three minutes) had I not forgotten to resize a picture, but miraculously I managed to resize, reattach and resend before the stroke of 12:01. Risky business that. I don’t really feel like I have a chance at winning, but I had to try anyway. Along with your application it asks for a picture of your sewing space, and tomorrow I thought it’d be a riot to share with you guys.  So look forward to that. And pump up the jam.


Heather Feather

Great jean alterations! I hate altering jeans because of the bulk, topstitching, and flat-felled seams. I’m super impressed that you did two in one night!
And I applied for the scholarship too! For FHE my husband edited my responses.


seriously.amazing….i have been putting off drafting a pair of jeans because i am afraid of pants….super impressed and inspired!


I have a pair of 1990 mom jeans (you know, baggy thigh, tight at ankles) that I want to make into skinny jeans. Do you have any pointers for me?!


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