Reduction and Project Finish-it

My life has been somewhat consumed these past few weeks with De-cluttering. De-cluttering, De-junking, not so much re-organizing as re-DUCING. For one of my church activities, I was asked to teach a small class on the subject, and was given a handful of books to draw from. After reading this book, I’ll never be the same again. Changed my life. Hopefully. I thought I knew how to dejunk–I always have a box of junk I’m filling up, and I drop stuff at DI every month at least. But there were principles in this book that were a complete revelation to me. You mean I can get rid of that?! It’s been completely liberating, and really, I haven’t felt this clean and happy since I was baptized! I went into maniac-dejunking mode for like two weeks (I threw out more than half my clothes and shoes, and have a mountain of stuff I’m getting rid of to prove it.  I got a little burnt out though, so I now I decided I’m just going to go through one small area at a time. Nothing huge or overwhelming, just one little bite of the fatty elephant each day.

In my de-cluttering travels I’ve come across more than a few unfinished projects. I decided that rather than put them off some more, I’m going to finish the projects NOW, or throw them out. And I’ve also decided I’m not going to spend a dime on new fabric or materials for ANY project until I finish everything I’ve already got. Man, that seems hard for me even to write. But I’m gonna give it my besty. Really.

Here is my fabric stash after I tossed three bags-full, and folded them all uniformly(using this method). My OCD friends (no names Rachel), will probably be bothered that they aren’t organized by color, and actually it bugs me too, but I didn’t think of til later, and I was too exhausted to go back through them at that point. So, just look away and take a deep breath.

My fabric collection My fabric collection nice and folded

Bored of non-crafty posts? Me too! Stay tuned for some PROjects!



Oh I love this. I need to do this will all my fabric which are in boxes and bags all over my house.
You have so many great fabrics can’t wait to see your new projects 🙂


Nice. I love organized boxes of fabric…OCDer checking in.
I am with you on the using up your fabric stash. I have the same goal…best of luck to you in accomplishing it. I know it will be hard for me too.


That is some tidy folding. I would love to take a peak in person at your fabric. Are those new bins? Is it too much trouble? Coming from a non OCDer. (Sis)


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