Printed Peplum Swimsuit

So I’m pretty sure I was certain from about 1990 to 2011 that swimsuit peplums were reserved for toddlers or Grandma’s.  It wasn’t til pretty recently that I spied this beauty and started to think that maybe I was mistaken.  This suit definitely still has an old-timey feel but I think the mini peplum adds a youthful flare to a 90’s special. Maybe? Puede ser?  I love the vintage swimwear trend, and the added coverage doesn’t hurt my feelings either.

mad mim_printed peplum tank swimsuit_03

And I printed it! Didn’t see that one coming, did you? On a whim I decided to see if my leaching technique with discharge paste would work on my swim fabric, and I was kinda amazed to see it did! As you see it wasn’t as clear or bold a result, but I dig the sort of faded look, which ironically won’t fade because the color has been leached out.  It’s kinda crazy and maybe a little bit  hodge podge (still not sure about the stripes in back), but I do love it, I think it’s my favorite suit to date.



I started with a vintage gem of a pattern that I thrifted– Sew-Knit-N-Stretch #151 by Kerstin Martensson, who I’m a big fan of. It was a GREAT pattern, and I just lengthened through the trunk, added a waist seam, brought up the back and made it a V, and went up a size in the bottom. For chest support, I actually sewed in one of my old bras! Wasn’t sure it was gonna work, but it wasn’t super padded or absorbent and I figured it would be fine. I just positioned and pinned it in there, cut it off at the straps and sideseams, and then sandwhiched it between the lining and shell and zig zagged that sucker in.  No biggy.

mad mim_printed peplum tank swimsuit_04

I seriously DO NOT go swimming enough to validate making another suit (I’ve only worn last summer’s a couple of times!), but I love swimwear because they’re pretty fast and super fun.  Don’t judge.



you’re so brave with your sewing! I need a little bit more of that in me. the ‘faded’ printing works prefect for this.

heather e

Yeah. You’re pretty much Wendy Peffercorn. My darling lover girl in this. You look so hot. I love the purple and the peplum. Good job!

yam b fan

Woooo! Hoooo! I love it! So cute! Love the color of the fabric, love the print, love the peplum-pretty much love everything about it!


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