Research as Art

So most of the time when my husband attempts to explain to me his research or something he’s learning, I valiantly attempt to understand generally, very generally, maybe marginally, what he’s getting at. So the other day when he wanted me to come look at some images of his research, I braced myself for more of this…internal struggle I have to understand his big fat math-head. But this time, I was like, COOL. ┬áThe images are so modern-looking, and before I attempted to understand what the images mean, I envisioned some cool, pertinent , modern art for my husband’s office space. But the pretty colors seduced me into earnestly trying to understand what he was explaining to me. It’s something about the fracture toughness (his research) and the different fragments within ┬ásteel, and the iron molecules are on different angles and so they show a different color. He was very clear on the fact that the variation within the images wasn’t caused by the way they cooled the iron (in oil, or slowly) but I think he really means it was INDIRECTLY caused my that. But…you know, I’m exhausted after my attempt to explain that to you, and I’m sure he’ll totally laugh me into scorn when he reads my pathetic interpretation, but whatever—aren’t they pretty?

Big fragments - high air temperature Scratched-Air-Low_Temp Oil-High_Temp



That is cool! PS I need an invite to your family’s site again, it didn’t work the first time?! Love you!


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