Poof! She sews!

Her first sewing project. Precious.

My four-year-old asked me for a sewing lesson yesterday, and we decided to make her doll Scout a shirt (I made Scout for her a couple Christmas’ ago).  I showed her how to do a running stitch and she took it from there. What an amazing child. When she was finished a friend came over and she bragged “I did it ALL myself. My mama did the knots, so she knotted, and I knitted. By myself.” And then today as we cleaned up her room she said “I’ve been DYING for you to sew Scout’s arms back on, and now POOF! she has arms! And now POOF! she has a shirt!” (Scout had indeed been armless for a couple months, and then just like that, she’s healed and happenin’).Mad Mim_kid sewing projects

Mad Mim_kid sewing projects Mad Mim_kid sewing projects



It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if she develops/inherits your mad sewing skills so well that when she gets engaged in 20 years, give or take, she’ll design and sew her own wedding dress. She’s one talented, beautiful four-year-old!


That is so great on so many levels. How happy for the Mama to have her little one join in the great joy of sewing. How happy for the little one to feel the pride and joy of doing it ALL herself! And the photos prove that you actually did let her do her own work, instead of feeling compelled to do it perfectly yourself and call it “hers,” which doesn’t fool anyone. Good job, Mom!


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