Pipe Jeans // sewing for the boy

It’s been a real pleasure sewing for my little son lately. When it comes to sewing, more than anything almost, I value variety and challenge. He was such a nice respite from all that girlie sewing I did for the Girl. That being said, I used the same wonderful pant pattern (Ottobre’s 1/2012 issue, #18) that I used for her floral skinnies, because I already had it cut out, and it says that’s it’s gender neutral. Because he’s so much smaller than her (hopefully that’s a temporary problem), they fit him really differently. But for a boy, I think it’s perfect. They’re slim, but not fitted. I definitely had to insert elastic into the waistband to keep those suckers up, but I think they’ll fit for quite a while.

And all things considered, he’s a great little recipient. He gets an enthusiastic lilt in his voice, and says things like “mom are you sewing for ME?!” Yep. Now and always, Kiddo.

A word on sewing jeans. While not a quick project, they are a very satisfying and straight forward. I actually find them really therapeutic, it’s all that topstitching! I simply adore¬†topstitching. There’s nothing so fulfilling and gratifying than making a beautiful, straight, evenly-spaced, and purely asthetic line of stitching. Ahahh, so rewarding that. And tell the truth–did that sentence just creep you out, or resonate down to very soul?


Danielle Todd

Mim, you kill me. That’s all there is to it. Your humor. Your creativity. Your vivacity. Your talent. All of it. You kill me. I’m dying here!


Totally and completely adore topstitching myself too. Nothing makes it look more professional than well done topstitching lines.

Love denim topstitching thread too. Probably one of the things that changed my sewing life for the better.

Not on the pockets, but on the side seams and hem if you like a double line try a double needle, then make them in jean needle version–then people will really be wowed by how you can sew 2 straight lines so perfectly matched together. tee hee hee

the mither

I love that he loves for you to sew for him! That means that however it is that you are fitting sewing into the spare minutes of your life, you are a mom first and your kids don’t resent your time on the machine. That makes you more amazing than I can imagine! I also love how he can obviously move in those jeans–nothing like the joy of seeing a boy happily being all boy. And lastly, howdja know? Topstitching is why I don’t love to sew! Topstitching is where I earn compliments like “Oh, did you make that?” Topstitching is February in the sewing calendar. Topstitching tells me my mother wears army boots. I appreciate your topstitching all the more, for all the above reasons that I choose projects purposefully that DON’T require topstitching!


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