Personalized Hand-Carved Stamps

Ever year there’s at least one Christmas gift that I don’t get done in time, and I’m forced to offer a pretty lame I O U_____.  Something happens, I take on too much, whatever…and I always end up with a straggler or two.  Sometimes I get to the promised gift a few weeks/months later, and sometimes they never happen (Don’t hate me, Jeff!)

These personalized stamps and card kit was just such a gift. My sister in law (who I’ll keep anonymous…hee hee, I’m super funny!) wanted personalized note cards, and I thought that even better than that would be some rad, hand carved stamps with a card kit and printing supplies.  It was actually kind of cool that I did it all late though, because she helped design them, and so I know she’ll like them. We settled on three different designs, and I went to work with my carving tools and rubber carving blocks (you just need a small corner for these!)

mad mim_hand printing cards_personalized notes_05 mad mim_hand printing cards_personalized notes_01 - Copy (2) mad mim_hand printing cards_personalized notes_02

I am so happy with how they turned out, and am actually pretty jazzed about a new technique I’ve been using for carving small words/letters (tutorial soon to follow! )

mad mim_hand printing cards_personalized notes_03 - Copy

And now to announce a few winners from our Stretch Yourself giveaways! Eva from Spain is the winner of Sewaholic’s Renfrew Tee pattern, and Holly Sharp is the winner for the O + S raglan Tee pattern! I’ll be in touch with both of you soon to get you your patterns!



Those are amazing! Can’t wait for the tutorial. I had no idea you could make such small details on hand carved stamps. Also I’m really impressed because I’m pretty sure if I tried to carve words in reverse it would end up looking like Mederith.


I love love love these! I’ve been dying to give hand carved stamps a try, I just love the way they look. I can’t wait for the letter tutorial, maybe it’ll help with the return address stamp I’ve been hoping to create to use on my wedding invitations!


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