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Interesting tidbit: if you google “trapper hat,” “aviator hat,” “tracer hat,” or “lumberjack hat” you’ll get images of basically the same hat.  Who knew, right? I was trying to figure out the difference, and learned that according to 21st century fashion there isn’t much.  Whatever you wanna  call it though, it’s handsome and very good idea for little boys to sport.

mad mim_pattern anthology_trapper hat01

This Trapper Hat pattern designed by Sew Kate Sew is a) adorable, and b) part of the gorgeous Pattern Anthology Winter Wonderland collection.  I was asked to remix this pattern, and at first I was kind of at a loss as to what to do. I mean, it’s so great as-is, so I wasn’t receiving any super innovative revelations about how to change it. Besides switching up the fabric a bit, I decided in the end to add something completely non-functional, because every once in a while a very silly thing is the best choice. I discovered lots of hats in this style have additional little ear flaps that can be buttoned up or down, depending on your mood. Can any of you tell me what their for? Additional ear warmth? Style? Perhaps a historical function that has now evolved into a design detail? Will we ever know?

They were simple to add, I just sandwhiched them into that crown seam, and added a loop and buttons to fasten them up or down (I forgot to photograph them up!) The easiest way to do this is the flaps to the bottom section before you attach it the top portion.  

mad mim_pattern anthology_trapper hat04

I wanted the tiniest bit of that plaid flannel to peak out around the flap , so when sewing the flap front and back right sides together, I pulled the plaid towards the center just a tad before sewing, so that way it pulls around to the front and gives you that edging of plaid.

mad mim_pattern anthology_trapper hat02

The outer is corduroy, the lining is a fluffy faux lamb’s fleece, and the front flap is a beautiful orange and navy plaid all from Joann.  I top-stitched everything but those two top seams because I felt it keeps the hat well shaped and structured.  And it looks nice.  I think it turned out so handsome, and the only thing I would add (still might) are some leather buckles or ties to the end of the long ear flaps, I think some added weight would help to pull them down.

mad mim_pattern anthology_trapper hat05 mad mim_pattern anthology_trapper hat03

This is such a fun design, and I’m excited to be part of the Pattern Anthology tour! If you haven’t already, go and check out the amazingness going on other there! 

pattern anthology

(And thank you to my handsome little nephew for being my  model so I could save this hat for my Bub”s Christmas present!)



Those flaps are supposed to cover small holes that let you hear. Usually they are round and there is blanket stitching around them. You button them up top when you need to hear, then when it gets really cold, you button them down.


Well there you go! I suspected it was either that or for ventilation, but I didn’t find any similar boy’s hats that actually had the holes, so that made it a little more of a mystery. Thanks for info, you really know your stuff:)


oh i love this and your extra ear flaps – awesome fabric combo, as always. bet he’ll get a ton of wear out of it – i’m always surprised how quickly hats sew up and how much they get pulled out once it gets colder. plus boys seem to love hats (or is that just mine?).


Thanks Kristin! I hope he likes it, with kids you never know, right? I’m hoping he forgets the tiny little fact that I gave him a choice between two plaid fabrics, and then used the one he didn’t choose. Doh!


We call those hats mad bomber hats, and Shannon is exactly right about the ear holes. They really do make a difference!


I love this so much. The fabrics are totally perfect and I love detail of the added flap and buttons. Thank you so much for joining the tour!!


goodness that is one darling kid! I love the button flap for the ear such a perfect detail to add, not only because I love details but I love buttons, so adding buttons anywhere make something fantastic!


Hey your projects turned out great. Love this manly little hat. I think making something with the same fabric below is way funtoo…love the sisterhood. I like how you made yours a detail of your shirt. Maybe someday we could do the same thing with an actual sisterhood, do you think it would be hard to get just the right fabric? Are you now moving? I got a bur up my tail to start packing too! 🙂 Go figure, at such a busy time? Huh!
Good luck with moving and delicious fun Christmas presents! I had a really great prayer in sacrament meeting Sunday, and I am so thankful for the amazing wind God blew under my wings. I feel marginly stressed but still having joy through it, and having motivation and energy for it, so really, life couldn’t be better all things considered of course. This lady asked me to fix a zipper on her jeans. I couldn’t be more annoyed about the timing and that she asked if it was done yet. Do you know how many birthdays and Christmas projects I have lady and I don’t know how to sew jean zippers. I said a prayer that morning if I was supposed to let her know that it just needed to wait a while I’d do that or if I should do it that I’d not be resentful and have energy for it. That night, I couldn’t believe it. I felt neutral to motivated to pick it up. I said a prayer. I did make some mistakes but dog on it turned out fabulous with a very marginal amount of time and I wasn’t tired! Like to collapse as usual and I even felt like trying one more project so I started a doll head for Bridger’s doll! Ha! I think it really lent to my God- winded week, cause that was Monday night! Cheers and hopes to more God-Eagle wind under our wings (Isaiah 40 something in there, it was on a book mark from Mom one Easter) in the Lord for us at this time! My thoughts are with you with moving and Elving!



This is so cute! I love the additional earflaps and buttons! I am wishing I had called this the lumberjack hat now!


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