my dream summer (what’s left of it)

Now this is going to seem pretty lofty and maybe a tad unrealistic considering my current status as a new mama of three, and I agree. But I’ve been working on this list for a while, and it serves as an idea reserve for me–something I can pull out like a pistol in defense of the ever persistent plea to watch TV.  Also, I’m eager to make some memories with my little family.  It seems like if you don’t have a plan for a family outing, then it won’t happen–our Saturdays so easily get filled with grocery shopping and other errands.  The Summer is half way over too! That hurts my heart a little; it seems like the season is just flying by me.  We’ve already done some of these things, and hopefully we’ll do a few more before the Summer is done.  Ah Summer. I long for it to be free and open without the burden of scheduling, and yet I need a good list to help me fill each day with something quality.  So I’m an anti-schedulite who revels in list-making.

What kind of Summer fun have you been up to?


sun prints

make shadow puppets and a shadow puppet theatre

make flower mandalas

make a flower art box

rubber cement and watercolors

salty watercolors

finger paint

coffee filter butterflies

melted crayon shaving art

paper sack puppets

marshmallow and toothpick sculptures

saran wrap watercolors

watercolor painting over tissue paper collage

Eric Carle paper collage

print with celery



make jam (apricot?)

experiment with bubbles

carve boats from vegetables and race them (I did this once on a date!)

pick berries/fruit (for the jam?)

make a plant forest

pick flowers and press them

make a flower press

make a variety a sorbets and frozen yogurts

give eachother feet massages

fly a kite

have a (brazillion?) lemonade stand

teach my kids a recipe they can learn and master on their own

try some muffin tin meals

make and decorate a cake just for funsies

make rock candy

build and erupt a volcano!

set up a mud pie kitchen (hmm, but where?)

make a paper bag dress

make a hot air balloon



hike the Y

visit the Hill Aerospace Museum 

go to Lagoon (i love rollarcoasters!)

go camping

go bowling (kids bowl free this summer!)

go fishing

bike ride to utah lake

go on a picnic

go to the Children’s Discovery Museum

go to the zoo

visit the gardens at Thanksgiving Point

dinosaur museum at TG

go to the pool



I have something to add to your list. We do “Wonderful Wednesday” during the summer. Every Wednesday we do a special activity (many of the things on your list are part of our plans.) Last year, one of the best activities was going to a trout farm. You don’t need a fishing license, and the kids had a blast because the fishing was SO easy. My kids can’t wait to go again this year.


I love that–pull out like a pistol to defend your family– believe me it will be a life-long deal! I also love your list–go for it!


Thanks for the list of ideas! I wonder if Thanksgiving point is doing $2 tuesdays in august this year. They’ve done it a few times, but I’m not sure if they do it every year.

Emily Balling


These ideas look so fun!!! I hope you get to do a few of them, and love it.
Kids’ll be in heaven!

Those purple boutique things are beautiful, are they really simple? They certainly are pretty. It sounds neat cuddling with Harper, with a bit of crafting.

Love you.


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