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I finally got my first three issues of Ottobre design magazine! I’ve been dreaming about a year’s subscription for ages now, and I recently took a a three-part survey that paid enough for me to justify buying one.  Do you guys know about this magical magazine? Every issue is a goldmine of like 40 or so amazing patterns for kids, toddlers and babies.  The instructions are clear and concise, although there aren’t any step images–you do have to know your way around a machine.  There’s really nothing like this to compare it to in the states (that I know of). The designs are modern yet classic, and completely kid-friendly. Twinkle and I salivated through an issue last night, and it was fun to plan a few outfits. For a while now I’ve wanted to sew all my kid’s clothes, and a year’s subscription will give me all the basics I could ever need.  The few things I’ve sewn from their patterns (my sister got subscription before me), have fit well and true to size. Can’t wait to dig in.

In addition to the current Spring 2012 issue, I back ordered Spring ’11, and Winter ’10 because they jammed with beauties I can’t wait to try. Here are some of my fav designs

Baby basics…ottobre_basic baby tops_bottoms
handsome boy coatottobre_boy coat

cloth diaper pattern! I don’t cloth diaper, but it would be a great gift for those who do..ottobre_cloth diaper

This top is so fun, and versatile. It would be easy to alter into a sweet basic.
ottobre_fun girly top

love this girly coat.ottobre_girly coat

great button up! they have just about every button up variation, but i’m a fan of this classic version. ottobre_great button up

Love these handsome Sunday skinnies, as well as that little vest! Can’t wait to make this for Tito. ottobre_handsome skinny pant and cute vest

Harem pants! Twinkle said she wanted these cause they  looked like Alladin’s. ottobre_harem pant

They have a pattern for repurposing man jeans into little-man jeans. I’m really regretting all those great jeans I gave away that Allan had grown out of….ottobre_repurposed jeans_handsome polo

Love these sailor pants! They be great in a solid like classic blue or pink even. The top is cute too.ottobre_sailor pant

And I’m REALLY excited about these sweat pants. I have to fight Tito to wear anything that’s not made of soft knit, so I was thrilled to find these handsome skinnies, that would be totally comfy for him, and cute for me.

ottobre_skinny sweat

I plan to plow through some Easter sewing today (it’s Friday movie Day! Yay!!!), and then I’ve got to get serious about moving!  Allan got a job!! In SLC! We are sooo excited, and can’t wait to start our grown-up life. We’ve been doing this whole student family thing for so long, it feels almost surreal to finally start the next chapter of our life.  Now if Allan can only wrap up his thesis in the next few weeks! Happy Friday (movie-day!) Have a great weekend!




oh, WOW. I wish I sewed well enough to even DREAM of pulling off cuteness like this! Sheesh! How do you even big to choose where to start? Sounds soooo fun! And Allan got a JOB?!? HOORAY!!!! Congratulations you guys!! I am so thrilled for you, I can’t wait to hear about it!! We def need to catch up very, very soon.


Wow. Looks amazing. Such cute stuff. And SLC? Congratulations! I am so happy for you all! Now you are one hour closer! Love you!


Go MIM! Yes Ottobre rocks, i am a huge fan of Stitch magazine too cos of all the super cool, easy and modern craftiness for the home and us big people too.
I am however thinking that SLC is not closer to Australia…whats up with that?!!!
I think maybe i need a movie day? Not sure bub will have a bar of it though, hehe!
love and stuff xx


seriously…trust me on this…you will LOVE it…you can get hard copy (Its a US mag so postage wouldn’t be much) or e-version….if you get back copies you can get them really cheap…but they don’t go out of fashion so they are worth it! Anyway you can buy them here:
But check this link, you can buy individual patterns here:
It is cheaper to get the magazine than individual patterns (there is 5 digital back copies for $29.99), but you can see the type of pattern that they have in the mag…v cool hey!?
DO IT! hehehehe xxxxxx


yay for a job!!! that is awesome that it is in SLC, cuz then you are still close to family & don’t need to get new drs for Harper!


Oh, how I covet an Ottobre subscription!!! Drool. But it is so pricey. Your lovely photos are filling my head with rationalizations like “Think of the money I’ll save on patterns!” Hmmmmm …


I’d never heard of Ottobre before I visited your blog. Tonight I was looking into cloth diapering (I am TOTALLY overwhelmed, but still determined to do it), and ran into a couple of Ottobre free patterns for diapers and covers… I did a bit more research into them and realized that they are a Finnish company!! That’s so exciting to me because I’m a Finnish-Canadian! Yeah! Now I want a subscription to that magazine, lol.


I’m so glad you found them! I’m seriously thinking I need to become USA’s official Ottobre missionary, because I feel like not enough people know about them! Good luck with cloth diapering!


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