Ombre: so cool it’s fading.

I mean that literally. I love the dreaminess of vibrant color melting into white. It’s definitely a trend I’m band-wagoning as I seem to be come back to it again and again on Pinterest.

image sourcemad mim inspiration_ombre dresser

image sourcemad mim inspiration_ombre pillowcases

image sourcemad mim inspiration_ombre hair

image source

So remember these curtains I made a while ago? mad mim sewing_ curtainsWell, I’ve been thinking about ombre-fying them.  I’ve seen some good tutorials around, and I just think it would add some excitement, but still leave the curtains with the fresh simplicity I love.  What do you think? Maybe teal? Maybe coral? Yay or Nay?

(I’m hoping that the fact I’m thinking about (kinda) big home projects indicates that baby girl Tribe is close to debuting. I painted my dining table red two days day before my son was born–distraction is essential when escaping desperation).


Emily Balling

I say…yeah!!! Teal would match your dresses, and coral would accent them. 🙂 Those pictures are so refreshing relaxing and pretty…I love the birds and the granny smith crocheted dream there.


Oh teal would be awesome! I just bought a really basic straight dress pattern and i’m thinking i’m going to make it in white and then dip it in teal dye to make it ombre! I would love to hear how your curtains come out though since I’m still nervous to do it!


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