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sewing with knits_kid's baseball tee pattern

For kids there is nothing more classic and functional than a basic raglan tee. They’re are gender neutral, comfortable, and super versatile. I love simple raglan tee pattern from Oliver + S!  It is the perfect cooler weather tee, and it was so fast and easy to whip one up for each of my kids!

This is one of the few Oliver + S patterns that comes in both paper and digital formats, which makes it convenient if you get a hankering to sew NOW, which frequently I am.  I was a little intimidated when I first printed the pattern out because of the 42 pages, but if you’re more observant than me you’ll notice that only half  the pages are for the tee; save yourself some paper and only print out the the pages you need! It took me a few minutes to figure out the method for tiling the pages, which is to cut off the borders of each page so that you can then align each page using a grid as your guide. I think it was more time consuming to have to cut the border off each page, however I do think that the grid made it much easier to assemble the patterns more accurately and with less distortion.  FYI, the tiling map (that tells you how all the patterns fit together) is the very LAST page (for a while I thought there just wasn’t one).

The construction for this raglan tee is a breeze. The instructions were super clear and easy (great diagrams) and the techniques were simple–I loved this little trick of basting around the pocket before folding under along the stitching, so easy! I also was impressed with the neckband proportions; so often you have trouble shoot to get just the right amount of stretch for it to lie flat. The proportions were perfect on all three tees that I made! The one thing I did differently was to stabilize  the raw edges of the sleeves and hem with a serged-edge before turning under to top stitch, as it can be so hard to turn under a raw edge without doing so because the fabric tends to roll!

The fit was great, and you really get a lot of bang for you buck with this pattern due to it’s wide range of sizes included in one pattern! I got the 6M-4T, and was able to make shirts for my 1, 3 and 5 year old children.  For the 5 T I just used 1/4″ seam allowances rather than 1/2″, and then extended the length a few inches (I didn’t extend the sleeves because I wanted them to be 3/4’s), and it turned out perfectly.

As a little bonus, my kids and I both found the retro Dick and Jane style pattern artwork  irresistible, and the whole presentation gets an A+.  Overall this pattern is a gem. It’s just one of those go-to patterns that never goes out of style, and I know I’ll turn to it again and again.

sewing with knits_raglan tee pattern

*note that this version has 3/4 length sleeves, but that the pattern will make a long sleeve–see other photos for reference.

sewing with knits_kid's baseball tee pattern

sewing with knits_kid's baseball tee patternDetails: Pattern: Oliver + S Raglan T-shirt sizes 12-18M and 4T (for my 5 year old I used smaller seam allowances and extended the length).

Fabrics: For Twinkle and Tiny I used this happy delicate floral cotton lycra knit from the Fabric Fairy (who has TONS of beautiful floral knits!) and a contrasting solid purple knit I had on hand. For Tito’s boy version I took two solid blue knits and hand printed a tribal-dinasaurish print onto the sleeves and neckband. Designs like this raglan tee are so perfect for hand printing because you can do a relatively small amount of printing (just the sleeves) and still get the overall hand printed look.

I love both of Miranda’s Field Trip Tees! Head on over there to see her versions!

For your own copy of O + S’s Field Trip Tee, simply leave a comment below by January 21, 6 pm MST for a chance to win! **closed**




Thank you for the giveaway! I’ve always wanted to try these patterns. The kids are so cute!

Jess Z

Thanks for sharing your looks and review. This is a definite must have pattern! Thanks for hosting the giveaway! mfrapp_83 [at] yahoo [dot] com


I would love to win this pattern! I’ve tried my hand at making my own raglan tee patterns, but I seem to be missing something, they just never come out right. It’d be nice to have a ready made pattern to turn to! Thanks for the giveaway.

Amy U

Looks like the go-to pattern for my little kids! I’d love to give it a shot. And I’m saving all of your sewing-with-knits posts forever. Thanks!


Omigosh she is so cute! I own this pattern already but would love to win it in the bigger size range, because I’ve made three for my son already! It’s a great one.


Sew Cute! (sorry, couldn’t help myself) Little Tiny is so adorable it’s heartbreaking. Love Tito’s pose, and they all looks so happy and cute– the 3/4 sleeve on Twinkle is perfect! I’m amazed at how professional that pattern turns out (with your amazing sewing).


I love this pattern and your versions are perfect! Your children are just too cute too!


Super-cute t-shirts! Your hand painting is amazing, I would never have known it wasn’t part of the fabric if you hadn’t said.

BTW this series is amazing, I happened across it while looking for online knit fabric store reviews, so glad I did. I’m almost convinced I *need* a serger 🙂


I love that this series hasn’t forgotten about the boys. Would love to try this tshirt. Thanks

Lucinda Poel

I’ve enviously been eyeing this pattern for awhile, but am on a pattern buying freeze. If I were to win it, however, that would be a different story:) Lovely tops – all three!


Wow! I am amazed at all the giveaways you are having! And, I love all the products and want them! I have several Oliver patterns but would always love more. Thanks.


I would love to have another Oliver + S pattern. Especially a gender neutral one like this.

susan james

excellent article. love to sew on knits and now have a wealth of information to use. thanks for the articles


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