My Mood Fabric Make // a pencil skirt and yoked blouse

Otherwise entitled The Sistehood of the Floral Knit.

all together at mood

In went like this–back in August or whenever it was that we Fabric Weekenders were spazzing out in the various corners of the fabric district, a group us were effectively getting our minds blown at the wonders of Mood.  I was perusing (that word decidedly lacks the upmost enthusiasm I was experiencing in that moment) the knit aisles when I spied this gorgeous knit with a delicious hand and drape. It was calling my name, and boy oh boy was I pickin’ up what it was putting down. (No surprise there though, right? It’s got that orange-y coral color that is like the national color of Mimdom).  Anyway, then Melissa, Merrick and Leanne wanted some too, and before you know it, it was a Thing. In the end I think there were 7 of us who all got one yard, and  then determined that we’d share a fun post about whatever we ended up making.  So that’s the gist–the story of the floral knit we all fell in love with. And not that it matters, but I was totally the first.mad mim_mood fabric yoked blouse02

Ok, so my first project that I made from this was a basic pencil skirt that I love and wear often (scroll down to the bottom).   I had initially dreamed of blocking it out for a dress or something, but when push came to shove (right before Sewing Summit), I just wanted a go-to skirt that was classy and comfortable.  Practicality brings home another win.  But then we all started talking about the post yesterday, and last night the Project Runway Within sort of took over, and my scraps of the precious knit somehow landed the spotlight today.

mad mim_mood fabric yoked blouse01

I squeaked this bad boy out! Not only did I have only a very small piece of the knit, but I literally used all but some shreds of that silk chiffon I found deep sea diving at Michael Levine Loft.  It ended up being pretty perfect, and I love how it turned out.  I started out with the Briar Tee as a block for the yoke, and the rest is just winged. Winged? Wung? Wung!! Now that’s funny.

mad mim_mood fabric yoked blouse03

I love the buttons down the back, don’t you?mad mim_mood fabric yoked blouse06

And here’s the pencil skirt!

mad mim_mood fabric wiggle skirt_02Now go and check out what these amazing ladies did with it! I can’t wait to see  myself!

Jen . Merrick . Bethany . Melissa . Andrea . and Leanne‘s forthcoming!




I just came across your blog, and I am so in love whit all the beautyfull colors! Youre pictures are lovely, not to mention the clothes you make! I really like the pattern mixes you usem both for your self and the kids:) And this blouse here is amazing 😀
I`ll ad you to my bloglovin feed, and hope to see lots more.
I would love it if you`d stop by my blog aswell: Stitch es & Pearls ( )



I DO love the buttons down the back. Totally going to copy that idea. After I make myself a reversible maternity/cap top ala Melissa from isly. Love the shirt!


Lovely! This outfit reminds me of something you’d see at Anthropologie! I’m envious that you look so great in that coral color. That is one shade that turns my skin super sallow.


Wow, I love the top! It’s my favourite of all of the projects! What a neat idea to have everyone make something from the same fabric- very fun!


Miriam I love both the top and skirt! They look fabulous on you, and I have to say once again that you have the best hair ever :).


I dreamed about this top last night. It HAUNTED ME.

Can you come over and help me with my yardage? I’m struggling big time.


That blouse is to die for! You look gorgeous! Also, I thought it was Allan at first, and I was sooo confused. Glad you cleared that up. Miss you!

yam b fan

Well, what a great thing you started with that fabric! And how fun to see our very own Mim in Mood! So Runwayesque! The skirt is great– the top is terrific–and you’re the bomb!


love it! This could be a good recycle idea for a men’s shirt or so… just turn it around, and finish the neckline with some thing else…. oh! the possibilities!

Refashion Tutorials

For some reason, this year I’m not so into halter tops and have been refashioning them into new summer tops. I’ve been surfing the Internet looking for a little inspiration and came across this tutorial. I know you made this from scratch but I can see myself using your yoke instructions, cutting away the top portion of a halter top and attaching the bottom portion to the yoke.


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