My Folksy Tree

So although I’ve posted all these ornament projects, I actually wasn’t planning on photographing my whole tree, because I’ve tried before and failed sadly–my dark basement living room makes for pretty regrettable pictures (I take all my photos in my kid’s room, which is the lightest room in the house).  But several of you have mentioned wanting too see the whole tree, and I just can’t say no. So I borrowed my bro’s nice camera, and this is the best I could do (thanks again Cory and Katie!)

My tree is bright and happy, which is just my holiday flavor.  I dig lots of color, cheering those two worn out friends Red and Green by inviting the whole color family to the party.  Most of the ornaments have been made by me over the years, which I’ll admit is pretty “homemade” looking, but I prefer the festive euphamism “folksy”.

Here’s me trying the famous pinterest Christmas tree effect. I hate the placement of my ornaments here!! I redid after I saw the pictures…

mad mim_oh christmas tree_2

All my new ornaments fit in with the old crowd just swimmingly.

mad mim_oh christmas tree_7

My borax names look so great. mad mim_oh christmas tree_4jpg

I actually put a couple of my vintage cards right into the tree.  The rest I made into a banner. mad mim_oh christmas tree_5

The ornaments from years past were glad to have some new faces hanging around.
mad mim_oh christmas tree_6

mad mim_oh christmas tree_8

You’d think I would take the time to move the baby toy and space heater from the view. Nah.

mad mim_oh christmas tree_9

Thar ya haf it. Nothing fancy; just cozy and homey(made).

Tomorrow Tiny has another big surgery; this time to insert a gastric tube into her tummy. I know, I know. Last time I updated I was talking about nursing! SIGH. By now it’s pretty clear that she’s still aspirating, and for some reason we still don’t know, she is unable to protect her airway (lack of sensory?), and the milk just goes down the wrong tube. So tomorrow she’ll get a tube put directly into her tummy, and we’re hoping that will give her more freedom, and start her on the track to oral feeds. Who knows though. It could be this feeding tube is going to be a part of our lives for a long time. I hope not, but I’m trying to be okay with whatever. I just want her to be happy and free of pain. I’m actually really nervous about this surgery, although I’m not sure why.  They said it won’t be as painful as the cleft repair, so that’s good. It’s always hard, but I guess I’m feeling more nerves than usual. That reminds me, I need to find some project to take with me…


Carol Sorensen

Love your tree Miriam, and your positive outlook! I would be grateful to have 1/100 of your creativity! We’ll say a prayer for your sweet baby. Looking forward to meeting you at Melissa and Jeff’s wedding in May (this is Jeff’s mom, by the way).


I was so happy to read your comment! It was so thoughtful and kind, which Melissa tells me exactly how you are. We love Jeff, and couldn’t be happier about welcoming him to the fam. Thanks for your prayer for Harper, she did great.


Love the tree! Will be thinking/praying for you and your sweet little girl tomorrow. I hope all goes well. Merry Christmas!


So happy and grateful that Harper came through surgery so well! Love your tree, I’m absolutely mesmerized by the Matreshka ornaments-Fabulous! And alert readers will enjoy seeing the pictures of the pressed flower arrangements you made from the flowers you picked in Argentina that are on the wall behind the tree.


Hi Miriam: I love the tree. I am wishing Harper a pain free surgery, a quick recovery and lots of wishes for positive feedings and growth


Ah ha, well my dear i noticed the pressed flowers on the wall…adorable! I picked up the cutest little picture of grasses that someone had lovingly pressed, at a garage sale for like 50c and i adore it, it sits next to an amazing little picture my friend made me using gumnuts and other australian native seeds. I must seek out some more to make my collection as lovely as yours!! Maybe you could do some more pressing while waiting for surgery?

I hope Santa has a whole lot of good health wrapped up for Harper this christmas. My fingers are crossed for tomorrow. I bought to kill a mockingbird the other day as i realised i had never read it, i will think of Harper as i do…

Ps the christmas tree looks lovely, but they always make me a little sad too..i must be a tree hugger at heart cos i think they are so much nicer in their natural environment…so although i hate them i bought a plastic one..yuk!!

lots of love xx


I have a seed picture too! And bless your little tree hugging heart….I’m sure your plastic tree is just lovely.
Harper did great in her surgery, and although poor sweety is not super happy today, she’s recovering pretty good. I just hope that this was the right thing for her, and that it helps her….!


Hey Mim, Just checking you are okay. We haven’t heard from you for awhile and for some reason i am worrying!! Mainly because of Harper i think! Take care girl, jenx


HEllo sweet friend, thank you so much for checking in on me. We DID indeed have a really awful week with Harper last week, but things are getting better, although I’m still feeling pretty stressed. I’m also up to my elbows in making Christmas presents, so I just haven’t had a single moment to get online. You are a saint for remembering me, thanks again for commenting. You’re the best. I’ll blog soon!


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