So for all of you who just scan through the pics of my posts (don’t we all?) and missed it, we’re moving!  My boy Allan got a sweet job in SLC, and we found a great little place and are trying to get outta here in the next week. I hate moving. Well, that is–I’ve never really done it as a grown up married woman who has a family. Last time we moved we were three month old newly weds, and had a car full of stuff. Now we are literally bursting at the seam with crap, and I don’t even know where to start. Of course I’m trying to dejunk as I go, but it’s all so intimidating! Thus far I’ve had a HUGE mental block preventing me from getting much done, but I think I finally busted through the barrier tonight as I tore into our bookshelves.

Anyway, things will be kinda quiet around here until we get settled again. I may or may not slap up a few posts here and there, but no promises.

If you have any killer moving tips, do share, because I am a lost little lamb in this see of junk and boxes…!



I’m kind of an expert, but tips are always the same: make lot of small boxes, write what there’s inside, have patience!!! Good luck!


Good luck. And I would just set yourself time limits to get a certain area packed. That way you can do it quickly without getting too much into thinking about stuff. I find for me that the best time to dejunk is after we have moved all our junk. That is when I start looking at where things will go, and what I want to do with them. I can also give my self time limits (one month, two months, etc.) that if I don’t use a specific item, I will get rid of it. But in the getting rid of stuff I also consider the cost of the item. If it was an expensive item, I might be more prone to keep it a bit longer than a cheap item I might be able to replace quickly at walmart.
Good luck! You can do it!


We move every couple of years, and my best tip is don’t skimp on cheap boxes. U-haul will let you return the ones you don’t use for a refund. They also have a bin where people can bring back boxes they’ve used and you can get them for free.


Good luck!! I suggest packing your sewing room last…you may very well need the therapy…oh and have a very large block of chocolate on standby!! And surely you can rope your VERY large family into this? Kisses xxx

heather e

yay! you found a place! where? please let me babysit while you get settled!


As someone who moved every three years growing up (but who had professional movers do all the packing…), the bit of advice that I tell everyone is this: when you get to your new place, the first thing you have to do is unpack all the boxes (unless they’re things that you want to stay boxed like Christmas decorations). The initial goal is not to organize or to put everything away all at once, but if you don’t get rid of all the boxes in the first few days, you’ll most likely find yourself three months from now wondering where your cast iron skillet is, and you’ll realize that it’s probably in those boxes that you haven’t gotten around to unpacking yet, which means that your plans for apple cake are put on hold because you can’t bring yourself to conquer the boxes.

So that’s my advice–conquer the boxes. You’re way more likely to get your home feeling like a home quickly if you force yourself to get rid of the boxes.

Also, we hang up pictures and decorations pretty much the third day we live in a house, and that helps it feel more like home. 🙂


Make sure you are prepared for the unexpected on moving day. We used PODS, and they came earlier than we expected to pick them up. Then, we were left sitting around an empty house waiting to hear from the lawyers. There was an issue, and we weren’t going to be able to get into our new house that day, nearly 2 hours away. My husband had only the one day off work. We ended up driving through rush hour in Toronto to get to our new town, and spent the night at his parents. But we had nothing–no toothbrushes, no dog food, no night time diapers, no pajamas, etc. I suggest packing a “carry on” type bag with all the things you’d be lost without if there is a delay or something goes wrong. A suitcase with all the stuff needed to survive for a day–snacks, meds, toys, pajamas, diapers, important papers, sunscreen…..

LeAnne B

We’ve moved across the country trice times now. The best tip is to buy the plastic mattress covers. (You can get them at U-Haul for not much.) They saved our mattresses and keeps all the bugs and dirt out. I second the don’t skimp on cheap boxes and buy tape and lots of it. 🙂

Sarah Pachev

I’m so happy that Allen got a job! Yay for “real” life…My moving tip is to with a new baby..accept any help that you possibly can or solicit for it if you don’t get enough, plan simple meals and use paper products for a few days…I am ruthless when I move and get rid of things at lightening speed..but that doesn’t have to be a general rule. Moving is a great time to pack it in a box and deal with it..LATER.
Do you need help with your kids? We would love to come steal them and babysit for you. Text me if you need it in a few days. Benjamin has a little runny nose big deal but don’t want to pass even that on. I’ll bet we will be all clear by thurs..fri..801-


I know that you have already moved but you might be moving again so here is a great tip my mom taught me. Buy some colored paper, like the neon brights printing paper and cut the sheets into small squares. Assign one color per room and then tape a piece of the color to each box containing items from that room. IE Yellow =Kitchen.

Then when your helpful EQ help you unpack your truck, they know exactly which room to put the boxes in. It also helps to tape a piece of the paper on each door jamb.


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