Montessori Listening Jars Activity

Yesterday I made a new Montessori (Montessodium as A calls it) activity for J. Whenever I make a learning activity for J I want it to be as pretty as it is fun, because I think that visual appeal goes along way for kids–especially in getting them to get the activity off the shelf on their own.

So. I saved up some baby food jars.

baby food jars

Ripped up some pretty blue tissue paper.

ripped tissue paper

Paper mache’d the jars…twice actually.  (I used Elmer’s glue mixed with water)

paper mache the jars enough to so that the jar isn't translucent anymore.

Applied a layer of modge podge for that pretty sheen and added durability, and spray painted the lids white.

File Aug 16, 3 33 07 PM

And now the fun part.  I put in all different kinds of things for the kids to shake. I put in the same thing in two separate so they can find the matching sound for each.

I have ten jars (so five sets). I put in Q-tips (cut in half), uncooked rice, dried pasta, raw kidney beans, and pennies (those are listed from softest to loudest).

J and I had fun shaking and listening and identifying LOUD sounds vs. SOFT sounds, and then (with my help), we identified the matching sounds.


Having fun shaking our listening jars!



I love Montessori learning!! What a cute idea! And those jars look AWESOME! PS: How is photoshop going?? Email me your stuff, you creative genius!!

the mither

Maria would be so pleased! I studied M. Montessori’s life, and here’s a bit of irony. She advocated her schools for children as young as 18 months old, and spent a lifetime helping to develop those schools all around the world. But when it came to her own grandchildren– she wanted them in the home with her daughter-in-law! Likewise I’m very grateful for the homes my grandchildren are in. J’s so lucky to have such a mother as you!


dude, love it. and i finally checked out the design sponge dressers. those are amazing. that blue popping out really does make the veneer look high quality. that is so incredible.


This is amazing, I’m just afrid of the toddlers dropping the glasses. If they do would the glass break or does the paper and plaster and other things on it prevent that from happening?

Amy Ramirez
Assistant Teacher


The paper mache keeps it intact! In fact after using them for months I discovered that one of the glass had broken, but was completely intact on the outside. I was able to dispose of it safely before any fingers were harmed. I think that the glass adds a lot to the sound that each content gives.


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