Melted Crayon Butterfly Onesie

I’m excited to share this sweet little tutorial with you all today!

I actually did this project over a year ago, while I was twiddling my thumbs waiting around for my baby girly to show up. I would have posted it sooner, but it just turned out that with Harpy’s different problems (well specifically her feeding tube), we didn’t put her in normal onesies until a couple months ago, and at that point I had just moved and couldn’t find anything in the utter chaos that was our house.  Well, today I was organizing a few things and I found it along with another onesie that I’ll share here soon.  The onesies are 6 monthers, but Tiny Tribe fits them just fine!

So, pardon some really crappy pictures that I will post for clarity’s sake.

For this project I used Pentel Fabric Fun crayons, but I did experiment with normal crayons and got good results.  Here’s the Pentel crayons versus normal crayons, and I am only fairly certain I can tell which one is which.  I think the normal crayons is the bottom design, and you can see a little more waxy residue around the melting.  I threw this in the washer to see if was colorfast, and it did well and actually some of the waxy residue washed out. But listen, try at your own risk, eh! I haven’t tested this enough to know whether you need to wash it by itself first, but I definitely would just to be safe.

So anyway, here’s how. It’s basically exactly like the art project you did when you were in third grade, except you’re doing it on a onesie.Grate a small amount of crayon shavings,

and then put a couple fold sheets of paper inside your onesie so nothing bleeds through to the back.  Find your center point of the front, and then carefully and artfully sprinkle some crayon shavings to the right of left of that imaginary center line.  I did my best to get mine like one side of a butterfly’s wings.

Carefully fold it in half (fold over the half withOUT shavings), and then iron on your melted-crayon setting.  You can peek a little to see if all is melted, and if not just re-close and heat some more. You want all that color pigment to really melt into the fibers of the shirt.

Open, admire, and you’re done!

As you can see, I then dyed the onesie in ombre fashion to add some more color. I love how the little butterfly turned out! I think this is such a rad technique, and something I’ve never seen before.  I think this would be cool to create  ink-blottish images etc, especially for a boy design.  I think you could probably do this without folding it, if you used a bit of wax paper and and towel, but I haven’t tried that yet. Let me know if you do!



Yes!!! I’m totally doing this. I wanted to make a onesie with a Union Jack on it in honor of the London Olympics, since my boy is due just a few days before they start. This is a great way to do it! I’ll have to give it a try and then drop you a line if it turns out.
Thanks for the cool tip, I love the butterfly!

Taylor Schwin

Not gunna lie- super excited to play with this technique on items for myself! lol- love how it came out!!!

And ur ombre dying turned out so smooth in comparison to others I have seen (tend to come out with lines blocking out the different layers instead of the smooth gradient you got) any tips?


You know, I’ve had good experiences ombre dying, but I’m always super nervous to do it. One thing, I never count. Most tutorials will say mark it and then hold it in for 30 seconds, then pull up and hold it for 1 minutes, etc, and I just go for it. The highest point is just a dip, I literally just dip it in and pull it right out, and then I just sort of slowly pull it out over the course of time it takes to get the darkest saturated color. That probably just confused you, but moral of the story, just go for it, and watch it as it’s going, and you’ll be fine.


Never mind the craftiness – just check out those *dimples* – a cheeky monkey in the making that one?!!!! jenxx


I know, right?? I LIVE for that smile, Jen! I’m so sorry I never wrote back after your last email–we moved and life got so crazy! Hope everything is going well for you and yours, how are you feeling with that little bun? xo!

Yam b fan

love the shirt, love the butterfly, love the dye, and LOVE that baby–her smile makes my day!


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