Meet Burnsy

Here she is. I still can’t believe she’s mine. mad mim new serger I love how someone wrote Do NOT lift pressure foot!!  with permanent marker smack dad on the front. That’s pretty funny, because who knew sewing machine had pressure feet? She was virtually unused in her first home (I guess she was for a home-ec class that never actually came to pass), and is in like new condition. Remember how I got her for $75?

Don’t worry Burnsy, I’ll treat you right.


“That is not the point. You are not Burnsy. Burnsy is Burnsy. I mean Eunice is Burnsy. I mean she isn’t Burnsy. No one is Burnsy.”

Name that movie…and achieve instant kindred spirit status.



I already knew I loved your blog, but since you just quoted What’s Up Doc?, I’m a reader for life!


I loooove What’s Up Doc? It is one of my family’s favorite movies. I grew up quoting that movie and Meet Me in St. Louis constantly.


The name “Eunice” came up the other day so that movie has been on my mind. I already knew that we were both of the race of Joseph, though.


I recently got an overlocker too (what us aussie folk call a serger), and to be quite honest am terrified of the dam thing, its way to quick for my slow-arse sewing and can i thread the damn thing? Not on your nelly!! But perhaps if i pulled out the instruction manual i would do better?!! Hope you fair better sweet lady!


Well, let’s hope the home ec teacher wasn’t also teaching English! A friend told me that she took a class at the fabric store to learn how to use her serger. The first thing the teacher did was walk down the aisle ripping everyone’s thread out. He said once you get past learning how to thread it, everything else is easy. So that’s where they started. So happy for you!


“A Eunice Burns? I am not A Eunice Burns — I am THE Eunice Burns!” I love that movie. Also, I love your blog. Cute stuff. 🙂


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