Making Crayons (sort of)

You know all those dang crayon nubbins that you find ALL over the house, that drive you insane, and usually you just throw them away? I support you in that. But maybe if you’re feeling ambitious one day you can resurrect them like we did yesterday. This was a great activity for my older toddler (and kind of a nightmare for my younger one). ¬†She loved peeling off the paper, and sorting all the crayons by color. And her mind was completely blown when I put them in the oven. I can only imagine what she may have thought….crayon muffins wha??!?!

We peeled the paper off, sorted by color, baked @ 350 for 10 minutes, and then let completely cool before we peeled the liner away. The liners make the crayons have corrugated edges which are really cool to color with! Try it! Or just throw them away. Both favorites.

making crayons-put them in a muffin tin making your own crayons making your own crayons



What a clever and resourceful idea! We will have to try that. I don’t think there’s a kid out there who doesn’t break a crayon almost anytime they undergo intense coloring. Guess I’m still a kid myself because I, too, am a crayon-breaker.


We have totally done this and LOVED it!! They are so much more fun to color with!


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