Look who I found at D.I.!!!

Mona the dress form!!

She was just waiting for me over in the Collectibles corner. She’s vintage, but very sturdy  just like me. And adjustible! In like 16 different areas!

mad mim thrift store dress form

Isn’t she sexy?




This could be soooooooooooo helpful, oh my word, if you ever sell, especially, what a find! How much? A certain sign that Heavenly Father loves Mim.


It was $50, and even though I knew in my heart that that was a really good deal for what it was, I still tried to talk them down. They stood fast though, and I was wishing I had your mad DI-haggling skills. HOW DO YOU TALK THEM DOWN?!? I’ve NEVER had any luck..
You’re right, Em! It TOTALLY was a tender mercy!


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