Llama Llama Bang Bang Tee

Sometimes sewing is just a big hot mess from start to finish. Some of you follow on Instagram, and know that the other night I attempted another maxi, and it was just bad bad bad. Didn’t even try to salvage that mess. So like the next night I just cut it right up and made it into a tee (I used a favorite Shade tee as a pattern). And then I carved a llama stamp and an arrow stamp and did some hand-printing magic. I love it. The end. (Allan is kicking me off the computer to work on his thesis–he’s still not quite as done as you might think, since he has a job and all…!)


Heather Feather

Thanks for showing a mistake! I think beginners don’t realize how seamstresses of all levels make mistakes. And I LOVE that llama stamp! I really like how you combined to different stamps onto one shirt. Great idea!


Love love love love love love love love love…

Your finishing is freaking awesome. I mean that PERFECT POCKET? I need to take a lesson.

ps double needle or two lines of stitching? double needle, right? I just got one and have no idea how to use it.


Thanks Miranda! Yep, I used a double needle. I have found that they can be really finicky though, like half the time one of the needles will skip stitches or not sew at all (ESPECIALLY with lighter weight knits), so often I do just do two lines of stitching. But if you have a more stable knit, a double needle is so nice and professional looking. I actually have a hard time finding stretch doubles though, the only place I know of around here is the Viking store inside of JoAnn’s.


Seriously..u cud b the llama guru…mass produce those suckers pretty please with a cherry on top…i likey likey.. x
ps u rok..
Pps stop putting us slackers to shame with ur cleverness! Xxc


I am glad to come across your space and so inspiring..

I have a dozen of plain white shirt that i want to put designs…. Thank you so much!


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