Like Moths to a Light Collection and Diangular Filaments Art Prints

mad mim_handprinting_like moths to a light collection_3So last time I told you that I’d been doing a little designing and was exploring using my designs for art. Entering the design challenges at Minted has been so good for me! The next challenge after the fabric challenge was an art print challenge, a collaboration with West Elm, and even though at first I wasn’t even considering entering, my wheels started turning over how I could see what I do as art. Up til now I’ve always just seen what I do as like crafting, or as just part of my sewing or other craft endeavors.  So anyway, all these ideas started coming to me, and I had so much fun materializing this little narrative collection of art using my moths stamps (oh yeah, here are some moth stamps I carved). I did several others, all using some of my hand carved blocks as a base.  I really don’t think I ever would have started thinking this way if it weren’t for the challenge, but it’s really shifted how I see myself and what I can do with what I love to do, you know?  I’m really…excited. Excited about working on something that I love, and excited about stretching myself creatively.  As for the minted challenge, I really don’t have ANY expectations because there are about a BAZILLION entries, and so so many are so so good. BUT regardless, I’ve really enjoyed this experience. If you want to see everything I submitted and vote for me, here is my profile.

mad mim_handprinting_like moths to a light collection_5 Moths Collection mad mim_handprinting_like moths to a light collection_6

This one is called Diangular Filaments, and I love it. More abstract and graphic, and I see it in gold foil.  And shoot! I just realized I had the picture upside down! It looks way better right side up. mad mim_handprinting_like moths to a light collection_4

mad mim_handprinting_like moths to a light collection_7

This serpent/dna block was inspired after reading a book last week, The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby. So interesting, really blew my mind at parts.

cosmic serpent IG
And then there’s my beehive You’re-the-Bees-Knees block too, so go check them all out.

ALSO. I’m 31+ weeks pregnant this week! You would not believe how many home projects I’ve been doing, I am in HYPER nesting mode. And I am supremely uncomfortable, I think I’ve forgotten how miserable it gets towards the end, because I’m like, could I have possibly done this before??



Just wanted to tell you that you’re awesome! Your stamps and printing talents are always so inspiring–thank you for taking the time to share! 🙂


Okay, these are all amazing! I mean I know you’re incredible but these are off the charts man. I’m so excited for you!


Newcomer to the site -those moths and lightbulbs are absolutely dynamite. I would TOTALLY buy clothing or bags with that print. Just sayin’.

Thanks for sharing!


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