Leather Tablet Sleeve

mad_mim_leather_tablet sleeve_03If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’ve been working on an upholstery project for the last week. It’s a little tub chair, and I finished it yesterday!! I am sort of thrilled with how it turned out, so as soon as I mount some new legs I’ll snap some pictures and share it her. This morning though, I was inexplicably motivated to share another leather DIY that I did with my leather hide store leather.

mad_mim_leather_tablet sleeve_01

I did this over the holidays (my husband’s birthday is right after Christmas), and it was one of those satisfying gifts that he needed really bad but didn’t even know it. I had seen him just shove his tablet in our diaper bag when going places, and then get all nervous that it would get damaged (entirely possible). He was also always finagling creative ways to prop it up on our counter when doing dishes or helping me cook or whatever. That man needed a tablet sleeve real bad.

So I searched online, and I’m not ashamed to say this is a straight up knock off of one that I found (which I’m embarrassed to report I can’t find again). It was awesome, and like $250 bucks. Mine is not perfect–a little homemade looking really–but it’s completely functional and that’s what matters. Allan put that sucker to use immediately, and hasn’t stopped since. Very gratifying.

mad_mim_leather_tablet sleeve_02

I basically just measured the heck out of his tablet and then made the pattern to fit, being careful to leave openings where buttons and speakers etc. were. I used leather, felt and really stiff cardboard, and it props up two different ways. Now we can watch Last Night This Week while cleaning the kitchen!

mad_mim_leather_tablet sleeve_05
mad_mim_leather_tablet sleeve_04

Anyway, that’s it. I’ll be back pretty soon to share that tub chair!

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