Late not Lame: a slightly tardy Halloween post

Did anybody notice how my previous post has a tag that says “LAME”. Like, click here for other lame posts. Perfect. Just another thing to fix…

I have on and off years for Halloween. Some years I go all-out, and others I just can’t be bothered. Well, this year was an off year, definitely, except that I decided to run the Halloween Half Marathon, and so I was forced to come up with something semi-cool to wear.  I couldn’t run in sportswear, after all! My creative brilliance has never really blossomed for Halloween, and like usual I couldn’t think of anything spectacular, so I finally decided that Alice would be alright. A bit cliche, I know. But whatev. It was all so last minute anyway. I found some dollar fabric at Wally-town, and I already had oodles of lace on hand and a pattern I thought would work; I cranked it one late night before my sister’s big bash.

I used Simplicity 2591,(which I want to make again because it’s a really fun pattern, but it does run large), and then I added the lace and buttons for some extra “Lunderland” (as my girl says it) whimsy. I was going for something in between the Disney cartoon and new version. I was ecstatic to find a perfect little vile at Hobby Lobby, which I’m thrilled to say they just opened in Orem.

And it turned out to be great running attire! Well, except for the tights, but I won’t mention why. I like the dress so  much, you may or may not see me  in it at church sometime. I would have no hesitation except that after the race we went out to eat and our server said “I’m assuming you’re wearing that for Halloween? Good! Cause if you wore that normally that would be horrible!” Hmmm. I’ll have to think about that one.

Mad Mim Alice in Wonderland costume Mad Mim Alice in Wonderland costume-drink me potion necklace Mad Mim Alice in Wonderland costume-drink me potion necklace mad mim halloween half marathon

mad mim busting some MJ moves

And finally, here’s me busting some Mim-J.



thanks for the hair compliments,
and i laughed sooo hard at your comment cuz when my husband was trying to make me feel better about the cut, he said my hair was starting to look too long, like polygamist, pioneer long. so so funny.

Emily Balling

Mim, I love your dress!!!! And your ‘drink me’ potion. I wish Alice had worn something more like that in the movie when she fell down the hole. Rawl liked the movie a little too much. He said he wanted to watch it again and I said, “Rawl, lets not, Alice is not very modest.” “I know”. he said. Great job on your half marathon that you got to wear that cute thing in too! And WAY cute tights as well!

Love ya,


You look awesome!!! Always so great, I love how your “off” year = still totally awesome. How did you fare in the Half? You’re inspirational, as always!


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