Late Night Lace Skirt

Man, do I have cruddy sleeping habits. Lately, I haven’t been able to manage getting in bed before 2 am. No joke. It’s just that I don’t really have time during the day to have me-time, and I really am a bad mom if I don’t have my therapy/detox/creative time.  So after we put our kids down and clean the house, I start a project or pick up a book and can’t manage to quit til 1:30 or so when I can’t think straight and fall apart because I think straight. It’s only  THEN I begin my lengthy night time routine of pumping, setting up Tiny’s feeding pump for the night,  giving her her meds, moving her from bed to bassinet, maybe changing her etc, washing my face/brushing my teeth, and then finally setting my alarm and getting in bed.  Luckily, and I mean thank heaven, on the days I don’t get up early to go to the gym, my kids are 100% self reliant in the morning, and they let Allan and I sleep in til 9 or so. On the days I do get my huge fanny to the gym (which is not enough to make it any less huge), I collapse after dinner at like 6  into a cat nap on the couch, and then can’t go to sleep until, say, about 2 am. It’s a tough cycle to break, and Allan, unfortunately, is my partner in crime. I have to drag him to bed most nights, because he usually doesn’t get into his productivity groove until at least 11. We’re like trans fat and high fructose corn syrup on a date to Twinky Land.

And despite my shameful sleeping routine, I STILL can’t bust out a project like I used to be able to. Things I used to be able to pound out in one night now take me a week or so, and it KILLS me to put projects on hold night after night.  This skirt, which should have been simple enough, took me ages to finish, and the breaks in between really robbed me of my gusto. Did I mention it KILLS me to stop mid-project?

Well I did eventually finish it. I wore it on Sunday and it proved comfortable and easy to walk in. And easy to wipe off.  Because Tiny threw up all over it.

mad mim sewing_lacey business mad mim sewing_lacey business mad mim sewing_lacey business mad mim sewing_lacey business

The skirt is inspired by one my sis-in-law Mere got for Christmas a couple years back, and I used fabric I purchased over a year ago at who knows where. I modified Mccalls 2698, which has turned out to be a super useful pattern over the years–love the slant pockets.  Anyway the lace overlay was a pain, and for some reason (haven’t had this problem with this pattern in the past), I couldn’t get the pockets to lie flat. After a ton of fanagaling I finally determined that it wasn’t that big a deal, and I kinda liked the look of the boxey pocket.

Those pockets are looking pretty BOX-AY. (Reference to this, have you seen it?? The beat-box part is hysterical!)

(PS if you haven’t seen this incredible cover, you must! I’ve watched it at least 10 times today.)


Yam B Fan

can’t say a word about your late night habits since I’m reading this at 2:30 am. *sigh*


SO cute!! My mom was going to throw out an old lace (and stretchy!) table cloth and I’m like, no way man. I’m taking it hope and making a skirt, baby!

When I’m skinny again. 🙂


Adorable! It turned out so cute. I wish I had will power to finish any projects right now. Seems having the 3rd kid, over 8 months ago, has thrown my grove off!
Your skirt is so great. Thanks for sharing the pattern, I always wonder when I buy patterns if they will look ok on me, or if I am fooling myself. It is nice to see what others have made with patterns.


Pretty and classy outfit, the scarf and shoes go so well. You know its so true about momentum and projects, and that luxury went out the window for me at baby 3. Sacrifice and motherhood. They seem to go hand in hand. Shoulda been sewing with baby three instead of enduring insomnia.


P.S. I really like your blouse too, did ya make it? Blouse. What a good nice word. Its simple and elegant, just like it is.


Nope, didn’t make it. I bought it from that Cozy store on Parkway like 4 years ago. Used to be black, I bleached it so it would turn brown. Literally falling apart at the seams, but a nice scarf covers it up. And blouse IS a nice word, you’re right.


Wow. This skirt is fabulous, looks a million bucks on you and I want one! And I’m not even usually a fan of lace.
Try to remember that this is only a season in your life – wishing you lots of refreshing sleep 🙂


Mim, you are Gorgeous! Nice job on the skirt, it was fun being there for part of the process.


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