Knock it Off: The Shag Pillow

Now, this isn’t a true knock off, because it isn’t something you can buy in the store. BUT, I did make my own version of this really awesome tutorial, and I was inspired by Urban Outfitter’s Rag Shag Rug.

My version is pretty bold, I’ll admit, but I like it. I just used all the scraps I have from various sewing projects, and the color scheme turned out pretty cool. I’m not positive it really goes in my living room, but I’ll pretend like it does until I have the perfect place to put it. As a bonus, it’s really really soft, which is Allan’s criteria for any pillow I make. It must be soft and comfy, and enticing for his large head to rest on.  Speaking of the Cabezón, I asked him how he liked the new pillow, and he said that it looked like I covered a pillow in hot-glue, and then just flung my fabric on it.



mad mim sewing_the shag pillow mad mim sewing_the shag pillow mad mim sewing_the shag pillow




Fun! I bet it’s a hit with the kids. I can just picture them holding the pillow and twirling the shags.

Colorful Shag Throw Pillow — Knock Off Decor

[…] Miriam from Mad Mim did her own take on V and Co’s tutorial to create this totally cool shag pillow using scraps from various sewing projects. The bold colors are perfect for a pillow designed to make a statement. Most importantly, this pillow is super soft. Don’t be deterred if shag’s a bit too wild for your taste. This pillow would be super cute for a kid’s room or playroom. What kid wouldn’t love to lounge/play/jump on huge shag floor pillows?!? […]


hahaha… i really have to stop skimming the blogs and actually READ what it says. Thanks for not pointing out what a doofus I am!! 🙂


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